BWV 174 Ich liebe den Höchsten von ganzem Gemüte

Second Day of Pentecost.

Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander), Ernst-Schertzhaffte und Satyrische Gedichte, Teil III .(Leipzig, 1732); Facs: Neumann T, p. 341.

5. Martin Schalling, verse 1 of the hymn, 1571 (Wackernagel, IV, #1174.

6 June 1729, Leipzig; Parody: 1 ← Brandenburg Concerto III, BWV 1048/1.

BG 35; NA I/14.

1. Sinfonia

2. Aria (A)

I love the Almighty with all of my spirit,
He holds me, too, exceeding dear.

    God alone
    Shall the treasure of souls be,
    Where I have forever a wellspring of kindness.

3. Recit. (T)

What love this, which to none is like!
O what a priceless ransom this!
The Father hath his child’s own life here
For sinners up to death delivered
And all those who the heav'nly realm
were scorning and were losing
To blessedness hath chosen.
For so much God the world did love!(1)
My heart, remember this
And from these very words take comfort;
Before this mighty banner’s sign
Do tremble even hell’s own portals.

4. Aria (B)

Take it now,
Grasp your hope, ye hands which trust him!

    Jesus gives his paradise
    And requires but this of you:
    Keep your faith until the finish!

5. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

My heart doth love thee so, O Lord.
I pray, distant stand not from me
With thy support and mercy.
The entire world gives me no joy,
For sky and earth I do not seek,
If I can only have thee.
And even if my heart should break,
Yet thou art still my confidence,
My Savior and of my heart its hope,
Who me through his blood hath redeemed.
Lord Jesus Christ,
My God and Lord, my God and Lord,
To scorn now put me nevermore!

1. Jn. 3:16.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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