BWV 171 Gott, wie dein Name, so ist auch dein Ruhm

New Year's Day (Feast of the Circumcision).

Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander), Ernst-Schertzhaffte und Satyrische Gedichte, Teil III (Leipzig, 1732); Facs: Neumann T, p. 336.

1. Ps. 48:11; 6. final chorale without text; BG supplies Johannes Herman, verse 3 of "Jesu, nun sei gepreiset," 1593; PT supplies verse 2 of this hymn.

1 January 1729?, Leipzig. Parody: 1 → Mass in B Minor, BWV 232/13; 4 ← BWV 205/9.

BG 35; NBA I/4, 133.

1. Chorus [Dictum] (S, A, T, B)

God, as thy name is, so is, too, thy fame to the ends of the earth.

2. Aria (T)

Lord, as far as clouds are stretching,
Stretcheth thine own name's great fame.

    All that which the lips do stir,
    All that which still breath doth draw,
    This will to great might exalt thee.

3. Recit. (A)

Thou sweetest name(1) of Jesus thou,
In thee is my repose;
Thou art my earthly comfort,
How can I then
On cross be ever anxious?
Thou art my sure defense and banner's sign,
To which I run
Whene’er I am oppressed.
Thou art my being and my light,
My glory, and my confidence,
My helper in distress,
And my reward for the new year.

4. Aria (S)

Jesus shall my first word be
In the new year to be spoken.

    On and on
    In my mouth his name is laughing;
    Also in my final hours
    Is Jesus, too, my final word.

5. Recit. (B)

And since thou, Lord, hath said:
If ye pray in my name's honor,(2)
Ev’rything is “Yes!” and “Amen!”
Thus do we cry,
Thou Savior of the world, to thee:
Reject us now no more,
Protect us through this year
From fire, plague and risk of war!
Leave us thy word, that brilliant light,
Still pure and clearly burning;
Give our authorities
And unto all the country
Thy healing blessing to acknowledge;
Give evermore
Luck and health to every station.
We pray this, Lord, in thy name’s honor;
Say “Yes!” to this, say “Amen, amen!”

6. Chorale (S,A,T,B)

Let us this year complete then
To bring praise to thy name
And sing to it our praises
Within the Christian fold.
If thou our life wouldst limit
Through thine almighty hand,
Support these thy dear Christians
And this our fatherland!
Thy blessing turn upon us,
Give peace in ev'ry region,
Give undisguised in this land
Thy joy-inspiring word;
To devils bring destruction
Here and in all the world!](3)

1. Cf. Lk. 2:21.

2. Cf. Jn. 14:13.

3. This is verse 2 of the Herman hymn in Picander's text.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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