BWV 154 Mein liebster Jesus ist verloren

First Sunday after Epiphany.

Poet unknown.

3. Martin Jahn, verse 2 of "Jesu, meiner Seelen Wonne," 1661 (Fischer-Tümpel, V, #497); 5. Lk. 2:49; 8. Christian Keymann, verse 6 of "Meinen Jesus laß ich nicht," (Fischer-Tümpel, IV, #13).

9 January 1724, Leipzig; perhaps first in Weimar; again after 1735.

BG 32; NBA I/5.

1. Aria (T)

My precious Jesus now hath vanished:

    O word, which me despair doth bring,
    O sword, which through my soul doth drive,
    O thund'rous word, when mine for hearing.(1)

2. Recit. (T)

Where shall I, then, my Jesus meet,
Who will show me the way
Where of my soul its fervent desiring,
My Savior, hath departed?
No sorrow could me ever touch so deeply
Than if I were to lose my Jesus.

3. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

Jesus, my shield and redeemer,
Jesus, my true confidence,
Jesus, mighty serpent-slayer,
Jesus, of my life the light!
How my heart now thee desireth,
Little Jesus, for thee acheth!
Come, ah come, I wait for thee,
Come, O dearest Jesus child!

4. Aria (A)

Jesus, let me find thee,
Let, though, my transgressions
Not the swelling clouds become
Where thou, to my terror,
Wouldst from me lie hidden;
Quickly show thyself again!

5. Arioso [Dictum] (B)(2)

Know ye then not that I must be there where my Father's business is?

6. Recit. (T)

This is the voice of my beloved,(3)
God praise and thanks!
My Jesus, my devoted shield,
Makes through his word
Himself heard for new comfort;
I was with grieving sick,
My sorrow sought me to the bone,
My limbs were nearly wasted;
But now, though, will my faith again be strong,
Now full is my delight;
For I behold this my soul its glory,
My Savior, my true sunlight,
Who after mourning's night of grief
Through his bright light doth make my heart rejoice.
Rise, spirit, get thyself prepared!
Thou must to him
Into his Father's house, into his temple draw;
There he himself within his word revealeth,
There would he in the sacrament restore thee;
But if thou worthily his flesh and blood would enjoy,
Then thou must Jesus kiss in faith and firm repentance.

7. Aria (A, T)

Bless me, Jesus is here present,
Now am I no more distressed.
He, the true love of my soul,
Comes to me for joyous hours.
I will, O my Jesus, now nevermore leave thee,
I will now in faith ever steadfast embrace thee.

8. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

This my Jesus I'll not leave,
I'll forever walk beside him;
Christ shall let me more and more
To the springs of life be guided.
Blesséd those who say with me:
This my Jesus I'll not leave.

1. Cf. Johann Rist, "O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort," and Lk. 2:35.

2. Representing the Vox Christi.

3. S. of S. 2:8.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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