BWV 149 Man singet mit Freuden vom Sieg in den Hütten der Gerechten

St. Michael and All Angels.

Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander). Ernst-Schertzhaffte und Satyrische Gedichte, Teil III (Leipzig, 1732); Facs: Neumann T, p. 342.

1. Ps. 118:15-16; 7. Martin Schalling, verse 3 of "Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, O Herr," 1571 (Wackernagel, IV, #1174).

29 September 1728 or 1729, Leipzig; Parody: 1 ← BWV 208/15.

BG 30; NBA I/30.

1. Chorus [Dictum] (S, A, T, B)

They sing now of triumph with joy in the tents of all the righteous: The right hand of God the triumph wins, the right hand of God is exalted, the right hand of God the triumph wins.

2. Aria (B)

Might and power be now sung to
God, the victim(1) which is slaughtered
And did Satan force to flee,
Who us day and night accused.
Triumph's praise is to the godly
Through the lamb's own blood forthcoming.

3. Recit. (A)

I have no fear
Before a thousand foes,
For God's own angels are encamped
Round me on every side;
Though all should fall, though all collapse,
I'll be ne'erless untroubled.
How could I ever lose my courage?
God shall send me more horse and chariots
And brimming hosts of angels here.(2)

4. Aria (S)

God's own angels never yield,
They are present all about me.

    At my sleeping, they keep watch,
    At my going,
    At my rising,
    In their hands do thy support me.

5. Recit. (T)

I give thee thanks,
O my dear God, for this;
And grant to me as well
That I for all my sins feel sorrow,
For which my angel know such gladness
That he shall upon my day to perish
Into thy heav'nly bosom carry.

6. Aria (A, T)

Be watchful, O ye holy watchmen,
The night is nearly spent.(3)

    My yearning shall no rest give me
    Till I 'fore the countenance
    Of my loving Father stand.

7. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

Ah Lord, let this thine angel dear
At my last hour this soul of mine
To Abraham's lap carry,
My body in its resting place
In quiet, free of woe and pain,
Sleep till the day of judgment!
And then from death awaken me,
That with mine eyes I may see thee
In total joy, O Son of God,
My Savior and my throne of grace!
Lord Jesus Christ, O hear me now, o hear me now,
I will thee praise eternally!

1. Cf. Rev. 5:12. "Lamb" is not allowed by the meter.

2. Cf. Ps. 3:7 and 34:7.

3. Cf. Is. 21:11.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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