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The program for UVM students and students of other universities:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)Study Abroad Program at Yunnan Normal University in China

Important Dates for Study Abroad in China in 2008


Other study abroad programs:

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  CET Academic Programs

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  The Hopkins-Nanjing Program

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Inter-University Boad for Chinese Language Studies

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Princeton in Beijing

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Duke's Study in China Program

                          WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Associated Colleges in China Program (ACC)

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