Reading for Pleasure in Chinese

Attention!   Dear readers,     You are just about to open the gate to a new world of Chinese.  You will suddenly find that your time passes by very quickly.  You will wish that you could have a lot more time.  If you have important things to do or deal with now, you'd better come back another time, or you need to set up your alarm clock to warn you to stop.

黄金书屋 (Gold Book House)

         中国古典文学  Chinese Classical Literature
         中国现代文学  Chinese Contemporary Literature
               包括 60 多位中国当代著名作家的长篇小说、中篇小说、短篇小说、及诗歌
         中国纪实文学  Record of Actual Events
         外国文学  Foreign Literature

亦凡书库(Yifan Library)
        鲁迅文选 Selected Works by Lu Xun
        老舍文选 Selected Works by Lao She
        王蒙文选 Selected Works by Wang Meng
        王朔文选 Selected Works by Wang Shuo
        张贤亮文选 Selected Works by Zhang Xianliang
        琼瑶文选 Selected Works by Qiong Yao
        苏童文选 Selected Works by Su Tong
        三毛文选 Selected Works by San Mao
        Pride and Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》 by Jane Austen

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By John Jinghua Yin