Chinese Literature Courses

Thousands of years of Chinese civilization have produced a uniquely rich Chinese literature.

  WLIT 110  Chinese Literature in Translation (Classical Chinese Literature)

This is an introductory course on classical Chinese literature. Students learn to appreciate some of the most influential Chinese literary works and gain insight into the Chinese culture by reading and discussing translated samples in the following literary forms: poetry and prose before the Tang Dynasty, poems in the Tang Dynasty, lyric verses in the Song Dynasty, dramas in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and novels in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. All readings and discussions are in English. Textbook to be used: An Anthology of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1911.


  WLIT 111  Chinese Literature in Translation (Modern Chinese Litrature)

This course is also conducted in English.  All readings and discussions are also in English.  This course, however, will look at some most prominent modern Chinese writers, poets, and playwrights, including Lun Xun, Ba Jin, Bing Xin, Lao She, Guo Moruo, Cao Yu and their works since 1911. 


  CHINESE  Literature Appreciation Chinese Novels (in Chinese) Kingdoms (in English) Dream of Red Mansions (in Chinese) Poetry (in English) Tang Poems   (in Chinese & English) Chinese Literature Selections  (in Chinese with an on-line Chinese-English dictionary) Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars (in Chinese & English) Readings for Pleasure (in Chinese--Make sure you have enough time for this) and Database on Chinese Writers