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    Chinese Software

Use one of the following to assist you in learning Chinese.

1.         Microsoft Global IME
MS Global IME (Input Method Editor) enables you to view and input Chinese characters.  You can input Chinese text into any Microsoft Office XP applications, web forms, and e-mail messages on any language version of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 (SP6) or later. You need to install the Global IME for Office XP first, and then you just start your Office XP program, select the language from the Language bar, and you can type the language you choose, regardless of the language version of Office XP or Windows you are using.

2.         Google Chinese Input Method (谷歌拼音输入法)
This allows you to input Chinese characters not only by using pinyin but also by using strokes if you do not know how a character is pronounced. First, press “u” to enter the stroke mode. Then use “h” for heng, the horizontal stroke, “s” for shu, the vertical stroke, “p” for pie, the left falling stroke, “n” for na, right falling stroke, “z” for zhe, the turning stroke, and “d” for dian, the dot, to input a Chinese character according to its stroke order. Among these strokes, “n” and “d” are the interchangeable. For example, if you want to input , then you press “u” first, and then press “dppn” or nppn.” A character often appears before you finish keying in all the strokes. For examples, appears when you key in “udppdps” without the need to input all the strokes.

3.         NJStar Chinese Word Processor
This is a versatile Chinese word processing program for Windows (Mac/Unix not supported). It has a "Popup Dictionary" function, which allows you to move the mouse pointer to a character/phrase to look up its English translation instantly. NJStar also converts a block of Chinese text to Pinyin with tone marks. There are many more features you will be happy to use to help you with your Chinese language learning.

    Chinese Media

If you have already installed Chinese font in your computer, you will then be able to browse the web sites in Chinese listed in each of the following categories.

1.         Newspapers

2.         Magazines

3.         TV Stations

4.         Radio Stations

5.         Xinhua News Agency

6.         Book Companies and Publishers

7.         Reading for Pleasure in Chinese

8.         Language Resource Center at UVM

    Chinese Language Learning over the Internet

If you want to learn Chinese or brush up your Chinese skills online, try the following web sites.

mov-ball2.gif (1653 bytes)Chinese Writing and Pronunciation

1.         Chinese Character Writing Sheets

2.         Chinese Character Learning

3.         Chinese Character Strokes

4.         Animated Chinese Character

5.         Chinese Phonetics

6.         Chinese Character Flashcards

7.         Getting a Chinese Name

mov-ball2.gif (1653 bytes)Listening and Reading in Chinese

1.         Viewing and Listening to CCTV Programs

2.         Chinese Text-to-Speech Synthesis

3.         Reading for Pleasure in Chinese

mov-ball2.gif (1653 bytes)Online Chinese Dictionaries

1.         Chinese Dictionary (All in Chinese)

2.         Chinese Idiom Dictionary (All in Chinese)

3.         Chinese Characters Dictionary

4.         Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary

5.         English-Chinese Online Dictionary

6.         Chinese-English Online Dictionary

mov-ball2.gif (1653 bytes)Online Chinese Courses

1.         Learn Chinese on Your Term—Chinese Pod

2.         Situational Chinese Online—Chinese Tide

3.         Chinese Online—汉语网

4.         My Mandarin “我的中文教学网

5.         Conversational Chinese by Dr. Xie

6.         Live Teachers from China

    Chinese Job Opportunities

While you are in college, knowing the job market helps you prepare yourself well for the future.

1.      New China Career

2.      Teach in China

3.      Jobs in China

4.      Greater China Job Opportunities