Chinese-English Language Partner Program

We encourage our students to practice the language they are learning. One of the ways to do that is with a language partner. The Chinese-English Language Partner Program (CELPP) is a reciprocal extracurricular language-learning program organized by the Chinese Language Program at the University of Vermont (UVM). CELPP aims to provide both students of Chinese and Chinese speakers at UVM with opportunities to practice the target language, improve their language skills and learn more about each otherís culture outside of the classroom.


Who are eligible to be language partners?

People who meet one of the following criteria can be considered eligible to participate in the CELPP.

1.      Students who are currently taking Chinese courses at UVM;

2.      Chinese speakers who are currently enrolled in UVM or employed by UVM.


How can language partners benefit from the CELPP?

Working with a language partner has many benefits. For both learners of Chinese and English, you will have the chances to:

  practice the target language with native or native-like speakers outside of the classroom;

  develop your fluency of the target language;

  build up your confidence in using the target language in various situations;

  gain deeper understanding of the target culture;

  make new friends.


What is the time Commitment?

Language partners should meet with each other up to two hours on a weekly basis till the end of the semester, with the sole purpose of practicing the target languages.When a pair of language partners is matched, they will attend a greeting meeting with the language partner coordinator. Then they will decide a mutually convenient time and place(s) for the following meetings.


How to apply?

To apply, please download the application form here, fill it out, and submit it to Hu laoshi at If you have any questions about the CELPP, please contact Hu laoshi at (802)-656-1012 or