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Need Technology Support?


There are multiple resources for technology support on campus. Please refer to the following matrix to determine the appropriate person or place to contact for help.

(540 Waterman)
ETS Helpline
Computer Depot Clinic
UVM Computer Depot

  • Assistance with a project related to CESS curriculum
  • Questions about using specific software or peripherals
  • Questions related to technology integration in education.
  • Signing out equipment for projects such as digital still cameras.

  • Computer has stopped working properly
  • You can't get into your email
  • You can't connect to the VPN

  • Your computer is not working properly and you have already called the ETS Helpline.

  • Your computer is not working properly and you need to have a hardware repair completed.
  • You need to purchase new parts for your computer
  • You need to purchase new technology related items






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