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Early Childhood Special Education Checksheet

Diversity Requirement
Diversity Courses1
Refer to approved courses that meet (D1) Race and Racism in the U.S. in catalogue.
D1 3
D2 (EDSP 005 or ECSP 202) --
Total Credits  
General Education
Arts and Letters2 Crs
ENGS 001 3
English Elective 3
Humanities Crs
(ARTH, ARTS, ASL 001, CLAS, HST, Literature, MU, PHIL, REL or THE) 3
Math Crs
MATH 015 (or above) 3
MATH 016 (or above) 3
Physical and Biological Sciences Crs
(ANPS, BIOL, CHEM, ENVS 001, GEOL, NFS 043, 063, PBIO or PHYS) 3
Social Science Crs
EDEC 063 3
HDFS 060 3
U.S. History 011 or 012 3
POLS 021 3
Total Credits  
Professional Requirements
Early Childhood Development Crs
EDEC 001 Intro to Early Education or EDTE 001 Teaching to Make a Difference 4 or 3
EDEC 101 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood 3
EDEC 102 Inquiry & Pedagogy in Early Education 3
EDEC 103 Early Education Internship 3
EDEC 189 Early Childhood Practices 12
PRAXIS I Requirement Fulfilled ___Yes ___No Crs
PRAXIS II Requirement Attempted ___Yes___No  
EDSP 005 D2:Issues Affecting Persons w/ Disabilities1 3
ECSP 202 Introduction to Early Intervention/Early Childhood Spec Ed1 3
CSD 094 Development of Spoken Language3 3
ECSP 210 Curriculum in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Spec Ed 4
ECSP 211 Assessment in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Spec Ed 4
ECSP 187 Student Teaching Internship 12
ECSP 220 Seminar in EI/ECSE 3
Total Credits  
Major Concentration
Liberal arts and sciences requirement (30 credit hours minimum). Requirements for the major concentrations are available online. Declare major concentration by fall semester sophomore year. Crs
Total Credits  
Total Credits  
1EDSP 005 or ECSP 202 fulfill D2 category.
2Demonstrated competence in public speaking. Requirement must be completed prior to student teaching.
3Or EDTE 055 Current Issues in Educating English Learners (Spr semester only)

Program completion in Early Childhood Special Education requries a minimum of 121 approved credit hours.
Catalogue year 2013-2014
Revised June 1, 2013


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