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  • Jeff FrolikJeff Frolik
    Assistant Professor
    Professor Frolik's area of expertise is wireless sensor networks. He runs the Sensor Networks & Wireless (SN*W) Laboratory which is interested in a wide range of technologies applicable to ad-hoc wireless sensor networks (WSN) and their applications. Most projects deal with architectures and algorithms to characterize and improve the performance of these systems. Find out more...
  • Paul HinesPaul Hines
    Assistant Professor
    Professor Hines studies multi-agent control systems and a variety of topics related to the efficiency, reliability and environmental effects of electrical energy systems. Current projects include the design of decentralized Model Predictive Control methods to mitigate cascading failures in bulk power systems, a project which seeks to quantify the effects of large-scale wind power deployment in the United States and an analysis of electricity network structure from a complex systems perspective. He is also interested in the design of simple, elegant software tools that can facilitate complex power system analysis tasks. Find out more...
  • Gagan MirchandaniGagan Mirchandani

    Professor Mirchandani works in signal processing, image processing and wavelets. He is concerned with problems in data analysis, such as encoding, denoising, fusion, spectral analysis, and pattern recognition. Current work with sensors includes processing and analyzing signals generated from multielectrode basket catheters, fluorescent microscopes, and cryoelectron microscopes. The first has to do with quantifying atrial fibrillation, the second with determination of colocalization of proteins in confocal microscopy, and the last with automation of single particles for structure determination. Presently, he is also looking into a problem in robot vision control. Find out more...
  • Kurt OughstunKurt Oughstun

    Professor Oughstun's current research topics include imaging through complex media and systems, molecular optics, and pulsed inverse optics. His research interests include asymptotic analysis; the frequency-domain and time-domain representations of electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic wave fields; electromagnetic properties of dielectric, conducting, and semiconducting materials; diffraction and scattering theory; coherence theory; the rigorous description of dispersive pulse propagation in both linear and nonlinear media and waveguiding structures; nonlinear optics; and laser physics. Find out more...
  • Steve Titcomb
    Associate Professor

    Professor Titcomb's area of expertise is solid state electronics.
  • Walter VarhueWalter Varhue

    Professor Varhue's area of expertise is plasma processing of thin film materials.

  • Tian XiaTian Xia
    Assistant Professor

    Professor Xia's current research focuses on mixed signal circuit design and test, adaptive and multifunctional VLSI design, and reconfigurable FPGA design and test. His research efforts contribute toward low power and robust sensor integrated circuit and system development, as well as computer and communication chip test and verifications. Find out more...