University of Vermont

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Research - Analysis

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    Kenneth Gross, Professor, has research interests in group representations and harmonic analysis, analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces, special functions, Fourier analysis, and applications to physics and multivariate statistics. Educational interests include undergraduate and graduate mathematics, precollege mathematics education, teacher training, and adult education. Current professional interests are focused on mathematics professional development of K-8 teachers and K-8 student learning.

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    J. Michael Wilson, Professor, works in the area of weighted norm inequalities involving Haar functions. This area forms part of Littlewood-Paley theory, an area of harmonic analysis that has been intensively studied over the past half-century. His work in this area has been supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. It has applications in signal processing and to the Schrödinger operator. In addition, he is a highly skilled writer of fiction and has taught creative writing at the University.