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Dr. Thomas Buchholz, Post-Doctoral Associate
Buchholz, T., and Volk, T.A. 2011 (in press). Is project scale the key to sustainable modern bioenergy systems in the tropics? Journal of Sustainable Forestry 30(5-6): xx.

Buchholz, T., and Volk, T.A. 2010 (in press). Improving the profitability of willow crops – identifying opportunities with a crop budget model. Journal of Bioenergy Research.

Buchholz, T., and Da Silva, I. 2010. Potential of distributed wood-based biopower systems serving basic electricity needs in rural Uganda. Energy for Sustainable Development 14(1):56-61.

Buchholz, T., Volk, T.A., and Luzadis, V.A. 2009. Sustainability criteria for bioenergy systems – an expert survey. Journal of Cleaner Production 17(Supplement 1 International Trade in Biofuels): S86-S98.

Buchholz, T., Rametsteiner, E., Volk, T., and Luzadis, V.A. 2009. Multi – Criteria Analysis for bioenergy systems assessments. Energy Policy 37(2):484-495.

Buchholz, T., Luzadis, V.A., and Volk, T. 2007. A participatory systems approach to modeling social, economic, and ecological components of bioenergy. Energy Policy 35 (12):6084 – 6094.

Nell Campbell, MS
Taylor, S., E. Campbell, L. Perovich, J. Lever, and J. Pennington. 2006. Characteristcs of Composition B particles from blow-in-place detonations. Chemosphere 65(8):1405-1413.

Charles Kerchner, PhD Student
Frost, J., and C. Kerchner. 2008. Opportunities in a Reduced Carbon Economy: A Primer for Agriculture and Forestry. Prepared for and funded by 25 x ’25 working group. Washington, D.C.

Anna Mika, PhD Student
Mika A.M., Jenkins J.C., Hathaway K., Lawe S., Hershey D. (in press) The Vermont Integrated Land-use and Transportation Carbon Estimator. TRB Transportation Research Record.

Mika A.M., and Newman J.A. 2010. Climate change scenarios and models yield conflicting predictions about the future risk of an invasive species in North America. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12:213-221.

Campbell E.E., and Mika A.M. 2009. VCC Report - Evaluating Potential Uses of Vermont's Wood Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation. Presented to the Vermont Climate Collaborative on March 27, 2009.

Mika A.M., Weiss R.M., Olfert O., Hallett R.H., and Newman J.A. 2008. Will climate change be beneficial or detrimental to the invasive swede midge in North America? Contrasting predictions using climate projections from different general circulation models. Global Change Biology 14:1721-1733.

Laura Nagel, MS
Gough, C.M., C.S. Vogel, C. Kazanski, L. Nagel, C.E. Flower, and P.S. Curtis. 2007. Coarse woody debris and the carbon balance of a north temperate forest. Forest Ecology and Management.

Erin Quigley, MS
Graduate defense presentation
Society of American Foresters meeting poster
Chittenden County, VT land use history database, Summer 2007.

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