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  • Bill Keeton William Keeton, Director of the Carbon Dynamics Lab and Associate Professor in the Rubenstein School. As a forest ecosystem scientist, Bill is interested in developing and applying the best available science to questions of local, regional, and global environmental and forest ecosystem sustainability. His specific research foci include forest carbon management, climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, ecologically-based silvicultural systems, structure and function of old-growth and riparian forests, natural disturbance ecology, restoration ecology, forest biodiversity, and sustainable forest management policy and practice in the U.S. and internationally. He teaches courses in advanced silviculture, forest ecosystem dynamics, restoration ecology, ecosystem management, and sustainable forest management.
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  • Ihor Soloviy Ihor Soloviy, Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the Rubenstein School and Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. As Associate Professor at the Institute of Ecological Economics and Management, the Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) he teaches such courses as land use economics, green marketing, forest policy, forest economics and sustainable agriculture management. Ihor works on forest policies formulation and implementation as the member of the Advisory Group of Forest Experts from Europe (AGFEE) of the Council of European Foresters, Corresponding Member of the Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, member of the scientific group for the support of UNFF initiatives, and the Green Cross Society board. Recently he worked as an expert of the IUCN and the World Bank international forestry consultant in the framework of ENPI-FLEG Program (The European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument East Countries Forest Law Enforcement and Governance II Program). Ihor’s scientific interests includes international and national forest policies and governance, application of ecological economic approaches to forestry, forest ecosystem services and their markets, sustainable land use planning, education for sustainable development, and environmental ethics.
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  • Thomas Buchholz Thomas Buchholz, Post-Doctoral Associate. Thomas has research and work experience in the management and economics of natural forests, timber plantations, and short rotation energy crops (e.g. willow shrub plantations) for biomass production. He earned his Ph.D. from SUNY-ESF in bioenergy sustainability assessments and his M.Sc. in sustainable forestry in Germany; he is especially knowledgeable of the US and European bioenergy research and policy communities, and industry. In the course of his doctoral and post-doctoral research, Thomas has developed sustainability frameworks for bioenergy systems with substantive stakeholder inputs, and tested them on case studies in the US and abroad. In 2007, Thomas worked with the forestry program of the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria, investigating the application of Multi-Criteria Analysis tools for participatory sustainability assessments of bioenergy systems. He has been the lead author of several reports on forest bioenergy and energy plantation economics across the globe. Recent work includes micro- and macroeconomic analysis of forest based bioenergy use in the Northeastern US. Thomas' main interest is applied research working on the interface of policy and science. The motivation for his work is to directly assist stakeholders and decision makers in the natural resource field in identifying lasting forest management and bioenergy solutions. He has repeatedly applied his research methods and findings in consulting assignments to industry, government and non-governmental organizations.
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Graduate Students

  • Amanda Egan Amanda Egan, M.S. Candidate. Amanda received her undergraduate degree in International Relations and Russian Studies from Colgate University. Before coming to UVM, she worked for a foreign policy think tank in Washington, DC and for an international non-profit in Denver, Colorado. Her research focuses on institutional capacity and opportunities for community-level engagement in forest carbon projects in the Carpathian Mountain region of Ukraine. She is also a member of the Forest Carbon and Communities Research Group.
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  • Charles Kerchner Charles Kerchner, Ph.D. Candidate. Charles grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and received a Bachelor's degree from Lafayette College in 2000. He served as an Agroforestry Peace Corps Volunteer (2001-2003), working on an organic cocoa certification program and watershed restoration projects in the Dominican Republic. In 2006, he received a Master of Science in Applied Economics and a Graduate Certificate in Ecological Economics from the University of Vermont. He has over ten years experience working in academia, government, and the private sector managing domestic and international projects that apply innovative economic policies to conservation. Currently, Charles is working with Bill Keeton at the CDL on a research grant funded by the Northeastern States Research Cooperative. The research will examine forest management scenarios that enhance carbon storage for landowners interested in carbon market opportunities in the Northeast U.S. He is also a Senior Environmental Accountant at AgRefresh, a Burlington carbon accounting firm, where he is responsible for developing forest carbon accounting tools and offset projects for Land Trusts and landowners.
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  • Caitlin Littlefield Caitlin Littlefield, M.S. Candidate. Growing up in Massachusetts, Caitlin has been an aspiring Vermonter (a hopeless task, she realizes) for the past 7 years. She attended Middlebury College where she majored in Conservation Biology and Economics and helped craft the College's proposal for carbon neutrality. She has worked for two small-scale Vermont carbon offset providers and spent a season as an instructor at an environmental education center in the Swiss Alps before joining the Carbon Dynamics Lab in 2009. Here at the CDL, Caitlin is investigating the impacts of forest biomass fuel harvesting on stand structural complexity in the Northern Forest, a project supported by the Northeastern States Research Cooperative. Caitlin, Anna Mika (also of the CDL), and two undergraduate assistants spent the summer of 2010 sampling over three dozen sites (primarily in northern Vermont) that have recently been harvested for biomass fuel. When she's not running around the woods measuring trees and logs, Caitlin can be found baking pies, mountain biking, and skiing.
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  • Anna Mika Anna Mika, Ph.D. Candidate. Born in Gliwice, Poland, Anna moved to Canada with her family in 1992 where they settled in Sarnia, Ontario. She attended the University of Guelph in Ontario and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2006, focusing mostly on ecology and environmental science. In 2008, Anna received her Master of Science from the University of Guelph, working with Dr. Jonathan Newman on the potential impacts of climate change on the distributions of agricultural pests. Anna's academic interests include the biological effects of climate change as well as potential mitigation measures. Currently, she is working with Dr. Bill Keeton in the CDL studying the effects of biomass harvesting for energy generation on C-neutrality. Anna is the Environmental Performance Tracking fellow at the University of Vermont's Office of Sustainability. She works on the University's greenhouse gas inventory, climate action plan, as well as other data management tasks. In her spare time, Anna likes to read classic novels, run, play sports, draw, listen to music, and spend time with her family, friends, fiancé, and cat.
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  • Emily Russell-Roy Emily Russell-Roy, M.S. Candidate. Emily grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Williams College in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a concentration in Environmental Studies. At UVM, Emily is working towards her Master of Science degree in Natural Resources and Forestry, and is interested in studying the combined effects of resource management and climate change on forested landscapes. In addition to working with Dr. Bill Keeton in the Carbon Dynamics Lab, she is also working with Dr. Jennifer Pontius on issues related to forest health. Emily's research builds on an existing analysis of forest health trends across the Northeastern United States to explore how climate change and natural disturbance impact the ability of forests to sequester carbon and participate in emerging carbon markets. She strives to make her work relevant to a broad array of scientists, landowners, and policymakers. Before coming to UVM, Emily worked on forest and climate policy for the Pacific Forest Trust, a non-profit organization and land trust. In her spare time, Emily enjoys exploring the woodlands and mountains of Vermont.
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  • Andrea UrbanoAndrea Urbano, M.S. Candidate. Andrea received her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Conservation and Political Science at the University of New Hampshire. Andrea has since cultivated strong skill sets and applied interests that have led her to study forest ecosystem dynamics at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. She has studied nutrient cycling at an UNH-affiliated soil biogeochemistry lab and aquatic and sediment microbial contaminates at the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, located in the Great Bay Estuary in New Hampshire. She additionally co-established and oversaw a longitudinal forest restoration and education project in her hometown of Woodbridge, CT. Her current research focuses on the long-term pathways of forest carbon development as influenced by land use. Her research explores if, how and to what extent northern New England forests are recovering towards high carbon storage yielding climate change mitigation benefits.
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Former Staff

Amanda Holland

Former Graduate Students

Nell Campbell, MS
Laura Nagel, MS
Jared Nunery, MS
Erin Quigley, MS
Ryan Salmon, MS

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