Chris Danforth

Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Computational Story Lab

Complex Systems Center

University of Vermont

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“Inside the lab that’s quantifying happiness”
Profile of our research group in Outside Magazine

“Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression”
Paper in EPJ Data Science, coverage by New York Times

“The emotional arcs of stories are dominated by six basic shapes” Paper in EPJ Data Science, coverage by The Atlantic

“Human language reveals a universal positivity bias”
Paper in PNAS, coverage by New York Times

Research team and group publications


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Hedonometer: a population scale measure of daily happiness

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Lexicocalorimeter: balance of physical activity and caloric intake


Video lectures for recent course on Nonlinear Dynamics available for free on YouTube

Applied Mathematics classes taught at UVM include Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamics, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Data Ethics

We now offer an undergraduate degree in Data Science, as well as both MS and PhD degrees in Complex Systems & Data Science

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