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Cross Cultural Psychology Lab

Our lab is dedicated to exploring key  issues in clinical psychology from a cross cultural perspective

What's Going on in the Lab?

New Publication!

Our lab, in collaboration with Universidad de Jaén, Jaén, Spain
and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently published an article entitled, "Body Mass Index and Nationality (Argentine vs. Spanish) Moderate the Relationship Between Internalization of the Thin Ideal and Body Dissatisfaction: A Conditional Mediation Model." 

Research Assistant Emma Kilroy Awarded Grant!

One of our Undergraduate Research Assistants, Emma Kilroy, recieved the Seelig Family Summer Internship grant to engage in research with our lab this summer. Emma is almost as thrilled to have been given this opportunity as we are to be able to continue our work with her this summer. 


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Email: ccpsych@uvm.edu 
Phone: +1 (802) 656 8879