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Ratiometric Imaging

Ratiometric Imaging:
Description and Capabilities

The PTI Monochromator Ratiometric Imaging System

The PTI Monochromator system can image a wide variety of fluorescent probes. Currently, it is used for ratiometric imaging of Fura-2AM labeled preparations. The PTI DeltaRAM X Monochromator can generate excitation energy from 290-650 nm, with a continuously variable bandpass from 0-25 nm, depending on application. It can switch between wavelengths in less than 2 milliseconds to facilitate ratiometry.

PTI Monochromator


Nikon E600FN Upright Physiology Microscope


  • Nikon Fluor 40X/0.80W DIC Physiology Dipping Lens WD 2
  • Nikon Plan Flour 10x/0.30 Specimen Orientation Lens.


  • PTI DeltaRAM with Xenon excitation source.


  • Photometrics Evolve EMCCD


  • PTI EZ Ratio Pro

micro1 micro2

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