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Nikon TIRF

The Nikon TIRF – Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope

This system is designed to observe fluorescent signals in a thin region of samples adherent to a glass coverslip. An evanescent wave generated by TIR excites ~200nm above the glass/water interface, allowing observation of cell-surface phenomena.  


Nikon TE2000U:

  • LUDL motorized filters
  • Perfect focus module
  • Conventional metal halide epifluorescence


  • Plan Apo TIRF 60X/1.45NA Oil lens with correction collar
  • Nikon Plan Apo 20X/0.77


Coherent 50 mW 488 nm OPSL Sapphire laser


Photometrics Cascade 512B EMCCD


HP Compaq 8100 Elite 64-bit Workstation

Physiology Equipment

Axopatch 200B Integrating Patch Clamp

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