University of Vermont

Committee Letter Process (CLP)

Reapplicants: If you are a prior CLP participant, please visit the CLP Reapplicant page.

CLP Eligibility

To be eligible for a Committee review and Letter, the medical school candidate must:

  1. Be a current UVM undergraduate student (senior, or exceptional junior) or an alum whose UVM degree was granted within three calendar years of when the application to medical school will be submitted
  2. Have completed (or will complete by May of application year) all medical school prerequisites with a grade of C or higher
  3. Have had substantive exposure to the healthcare environment that will support the application process
  4. Meet the following GPA minimums by the end of the Fall semester.
    • Currently (Fall 2019)
      • Cumulative UVM undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.2 (recommend > 3.6)
      • Undergraduate Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Math (BCPM) GPA ≥ 3.2 (recommend > 3.5)
    • Starting in Fall of 2020
      • Cumulative UVM undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.5 (recommend > 3.6)
      • Undergraduate Biology-Chemistry-Physics-Math (BCPM) GPA ≥ 3.40 (recommend > 3.5)
      • Graduate GPA, if applicable, recommend > 3.6
    • Exception to the GPA requirement may be requested at the time of submission of the HPP (by January 15th). Exceptions will be considered for candidates who have previously met with the Health Professions Advisor to discuss the compelling or unique aspects of their candidacy.
  5. Submit a working draft of their Health Professions Portfolio (HPP), and all required forms, by January 15th
  6. Complete the MCAT by January 31st with a result ≥ 65th percentile (~505). (Recommend ≥ 80th percentile)
    • Candidates with compelling reasons may request an extension, or an exception to the required score, by including the request in the MCAT section of the Health Professions Portfolio on Bb. Provide a detailed discussion on reasons for the request.
      • Dental applicants have until the end of February to complete the DAT.
  7. Complete Readiness Assessment Discussion (RAD) with the Health Professions Advisor by March
  8. Participate in Committee interview between February 1st – April 15th
    • Interviews cannot occur until MCAT results are available and RAD completed
  9. Submit an updated/edited HPP at least one week prior to assigned Committee interview
  10. Assure that confidential letters of recommendation have been received by the Career Center by April 15th
  11. Formally request that the Committee Letter be uploaded to AMCAS, following the instructions in Bb
  12. NOT have previously participated in the CLP
  13. NOT have an application to a health professions school currently in process

NOTE: If you aren’t eligible, or anticipate that you will not be eligible, for the Committee Letter because of GPA or MCAT scores, meet individually with the Health Professions Advisor in the fall before CLP begins. Based on the unique circumstances of each student, some candidates may be encouraged to request GPA or MCAT exceptions.

MCAT Exceptions

Exceptions to the requirement of completing MCAT by January 31st will be considered for candidates who:

  • Complete all other CLP requirements by the stated deadlines
  • Submit a written reflection/discussion/request for exception within the MCAT section of your HPP on Bb that includes the following:
    • Logical explanation for why the MCAT has not yet been taken
    • Compelling reason for applying to medical school during the upcoming cycle (vs delaying until the following year)
    • Evidence of an otherwise unique and/or outstanding candidacy for medical school
    • Detailed MCAT preparation plan that supports success on the exam (and continued success in current courses and other application preparation)

Note that for the applicant whose request is approved, the completion and uploading of the Committee Letter to AMCAS is not guaranteed until August 15th (although every attempt will be made to complete it earlier).

Exception to the MCAT score requirement (> 65th percentile) will be considered if the candidate:
  • Is likely to be a compelling candidate regardless of the current score OR
  • Identifies a correctable explanation for the original score
  • AND
  • Provides a detailed MCAT re-preparation plan that supports success on the exam (and continued success in current courses and other application preparation)
  • Meets with the Health Professions Advisor to discuss MCAT-related issues soon after receiving results and includes a written petition within the HPP in Bb.
Policy Regarding Notification of Committee Letter Recommendation Level
  • The Committee’s overall assessment of their recommended candidates will remain confidential
  • If, after holistic review, the Committee does not support a candidate’s current application to medical school, the Committee will notify the candidate that a letter will not be written on their behalf. The candidate is not eligible to go through the Committee Letter Process in a subsequent cycle and can proceed in one of the following ways:
    • Apply during this cycle without a Committee Letter (not recommended)
    • Delay application in order to improve candidacy. If you choose to apply in the future (without a committee letter), we strongly encourage you to consult with the Health Professions Advisor and update your Health Professions Portfolio.
Timing of Submission of Committee Letter
  • For those candidates completing all CLP requirements and meeting all stated deadlines, the Committee Letter will be uploaded to AMCAS by August 1st, with every attempt to submit by July 1st. Letters will be done in order of completed AMCAS application / submission

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