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Tenant Rights

State Rental Housing Site 

For information and links to rental housing codes and resources, visit rentalcodes.org

The Directory of Affordable Rental Housing, visit housingdata.org/doARH

Vermont Law Help

The Landlord/Tenant section of Vermont Law Help website provides resources and links specific to common issues that tenants may experience, such as repair problems, rent increases, evictions, etc...

Vermont Tenants, Inc.

Vermont Tenants, Inc.
Definitive Guide to Renting in Vermont
Handbook outlining the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in Vermont, produced cooperatively by CVOEO and VT Apartment Owners Association.

Info for Burlington Tenants

If your complaint is about a rental unit in Burlington, contact the Burlington Housing Board of Review.  

Check the Burlington, VT Property Database for permit history on rental properties (perform a search on the property you are looking at, then click "Permit History Report" for rentals).

Vermont law establishes certain rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords in Vermont. To view the law, click here

What are the responsibilities of landlords and tenants?

Generally, landlords are required to provide housing that is suitable for human habitation and has adequate access to heat, water, and hot water.  Landlords must also ensure that the housing is safe for tenants, which may include requirements for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, alternate means of escape, and proper maintenance of electrical fixtures and equipment.  Tenants are responsible for payment of rent, as well as for preventing damage or unreasonable wear to the premises.

Vermont law provides for certain notice requirements with regard to termination of tenancy and evictions, and provides both tenants and landlords with the right to bring legal action in the event of non-compliance with rental agreement law.

For more specific information about your rights as a tenant or landlord, review the handbook The Definitive Guide to Renting in Vermont, produced by Vermont Tenants, Inc.

What if I have a complaint against my landlord? Can the landlord evict me for my complaint?

If you have a complaint against your landlord, you can file a complaint with CAP.  You may also pursue a claim in small claims court for violations of the lease or non-compliance with the law.  Vermont Law Help has small claims court forms on their website too.  If you have a health concern about the property you rent, you can contact your local town health officer through the town clerk's office.

Generally, the law prohibits the landlord from retaliating against you for filing a complaint.  If you believe you are being retaliated against by your landlord, you can file a complaint with CAP.

I have been served with an eviction notice.  What can I do?

If you are facing eviction, you should contact your local county court, or an attorney.  If you cannot afford an attorney, you can contact Vermont Legal Aid at 800-889-2047.

What about Rental Scams?

Unfortunately, rental listing scams are pretty common and pose a challenge for those trying to find rental housing.  Always do your research on a property you are interested in renting.  Often, scammers will replicate recently posted real estate or other rental listings.  For more information about rental scams, see the following:  

Vermonters Warned of Rental Listing Scams
FTC:  Rental Listing Scams

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