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Consumer Hotline:  Toll Free In VT (800) 649-2424 or (802) 656-3183

Complaint about an AGO Settlement

More help is available!

Department of Financial Regulation:  (888) 568-4547 handles banking, insurance, and securities complaints

Vermont Department of Public Service: (800) 622-4496 handles complaints against public utilities

Vermont Secretary of State: (800) 439-8683 handles complaints against licensed professionals

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What happens when I file a complaint?

When you send us your complaint in writing, we will contact the business or agency named in your complaint and ask them to respond. We will try to help both parties work together to resolve the issue. Since we aren't a court, we can't force a result, but we find that often this process can help. 

Please note that any information you submit to our office will be public record and will be forwarded to the business named in your complaint.  

When writing to us, please be sure to provide us with a brief summary of your complaint, your mailing address and daytime telephone number, and the address and phone number for the business named in your complaint.  If you send us any documents, please send us copies only, as we may not be able to return documents submitted to our office.


Responding to or updating a complaint?

If you are a business responding to, or a consumer updating us on an existing complaint, you can use our:


Have questions about our complaint process?

Find answers to these questions on our Complaint FAQ's page:

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