Chike Abuah

PhD Candidate
University of Vermont
Advised by Joe Near and David Darais
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My interests include software engineering, data privacy (especially differential privacy), security, and programming languages.


  • DDUO: General-Purpose Dynamic Analysis for Differential Privacy.
    Chike T. Abuah, Alex Silence, David Darais, Joseph P. Near.
    In Computer Security Foundations (CSF), 2021. (pdf)

  • Duet: An Expressive Higher-Order Language and Linear Type System for Statically Enforcing Differential Privacy.
    Joseph P. Near, David Darais, Chike T. Abuah, Tim Stevens, Pranav Gaddamadugu, Lun Wang, Neel Somani, Mu Zhang, Nikhil Sharma, Alex Shan, and Dawn Song.
    In Object-oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA). 2019. (pdf)
    **ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award**
    Download implementation here

  • Solo: Enforcing Differential Privacy Without Fancy Types.
    Chike T. Abuah, David Darais, Joseph P. Near.
    Under conference review. (pdf)

  • Contextual Linear Types for Differential Privacy.
    Matias Toro, David Darais, Chike T. Abuah, Joseph P. Near, Federico Olmedo, Eric Tanter.
    Under journal review. (pdf)



DDUO @ CSF 2021

SOLO @ FCS 2021


Contributions/Acknowledgements/Older Projects


Chike Abuah is a PhD candidate (computer science) at the University of Vermont. His interests include software engineering, data privacy, computer security, and programming languages. Currently he researches and implements programming languages and analysis tools which help programmers build reliable software. Chike received his BA from Grinnell College, MS from the University of Massachusetts, and was previously a full stack software engineer at a startup in NYC.

E434 Innovation Hall, Burlington, VT

Chike Abuah wearing a Grinnell College scarf

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