Research Paper Requirements

Each student must complete, by the end of classes, a major research project on any topic relating to the Roman empire in the third through seventh centuries C.E.

The basic rules are these:

Length: 20 pages or more

Due by the end of business, i.e., 5:00 p.m., on the last day of this class (translation: 28 April 2009). You may deliver them to my mailbox (first floor, 481 Main Street) or to my office (room 301, 481 Main Street), or hand them in early in class. Late papers lose 10 percentage points per weekday.

I encourage you to show me progress reports and drafts well before the end of the semester. Please see me as soon as possible to settle upon areas of research which are particularly interesting to you. There may be essential works of scholarship not available at UVM, and interlibrary loan can take several weeks to get you a book (or even an article, especially near the end of the semester).

How to find what you need: scroll down this page to find information on ancient sources and modern aids