University of Vermont

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Department of Biology

BIOL 286 - Forensic DNA Analysis


Spring 2017


Dr. Amanda Yonan
Office: 102 Marsh Life Sciences
Office Hours: Tues. 11:30-1:00, Wed. 2:00-3:30, Thurs. 11:30-1:00
Phone: Office (802) 656-0454

Course Room and Time: Room 107 Marsh Life Science, MWF, 3:30-4:20
Course Description:

Forensic DNA Analysis will be an upper division biology course focusing on the use of DNA in Forensic Analysis. It will cover the Biology, Technology and Genetics of using Microsatellite markers to produce and analyze a DNA profile. With applications in such varied fields as crime solving, personal identification or paternity testing; microsatellite markers are used to quickly and uniquely genotype even severely degraded or contaminated DNA.

Text title:

Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing, Butler, ISBN: 9780123749994

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