The Barre, Vermont, Granite Carvers
A Slide Show/Lecture
Professor Alfred Rosa

The best exhibit of the artistry of the Barre, Vermont, stone carvers is on display at Hope Cemetery in Barre where many of the carvers themselves are buried. Here you will find the full range of creativity and craftsmanship that have made these carvers justifiably world famous. The photographs that I have taken are mostly from Hope Cemetery but include other locations in Barre as well and are taken with an eye toward exhibiting both the art and the culture of the carvers. Included in the show are slides of the Robert Burns statue, called by many the finest example of granite carving in the world, and the memorial to the Italian carvers, a most impressive statue designed by Giuliano Cechinelli and executed by Alcide Fantoni, both still active designers and carvers today.  The slide show also includes the story of Mari Tomasi, the author of Like Lesser Gods.  The novel that she published in 1949 pays tribute to the people of the granite industry, many of whom suffered great losses because of the tuberculo-silicosis that plagued workers earlier in the twentieth century.

The slide show/lecture runs about an hour and a half and can be arranged for by calling or writing:

Professor Alfred Rosa
Department of English
304 Old Mill
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405