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Hurricane Katrina Research

Children of Katrina (2015, University of Texas Press) is the winner of the American Sociological Association Children and Youth Section's Outstanding Book Award..

Alice Fothergill, Professor of Sociology

Sociologist, expertise in family, gender, inequality, disasters, and qualitative methodology

Alice Fothergill is Professor of Sociology at the University of Vermont. She is the author and editor of the following books:

Children of Katrina (2015, University of Texas Press)

Children of Katrina examines the experiences of children and youth in Hurricane Katrina and how their lives unfolded in the catastrophe and displacement. Read more >>

Sociology Vulnerability to Disasters, first and second editions (2010, 2013, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis)

Social Vulnerability to Disasters focuses on the social construction of disasters, acknowledging that the characteristics of an event alone do not create the tragedies that unfurl. Read more >>

Heads Above Water (2004 SUNY Press)

Heads Above Water examines the experiences of women and their families who survived the Grand Forks, North Dakota, flood of 1997, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history at that time and the first time an entire U.S. city had evacuated for a disaster. Read more >>

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