Our Sincere Commitment to Prevention, Safety, and Support

    In recent months, many students and others in our community have asked that we examine UVM’s practices in handling reported sexual misconduct cases and in supporting survivors, and that we expand prevention efforts.

    We want you to know we hear you. We’ve taken many concrete steps toward addressing these requests, and we recently welcomed Elliot Ruggles to UVM as the university’s first Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.

    This website will keep you updated on our efforts and our ongoing work as a community to address this critical issue.

    On-Campus Resources

    From confidential counseling and advocacy to health services to personal safety tools, there are numerous resources available to the UVM community.

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    AAEO Process Improvements 

    UVM contracted with Grand River Solutions to conduct an independent, external review of our Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (“AAEO”).

    → View Recommendations and Implementation Progress

    Spring 2021 Student Requests

    The administration committed to meeting 17 requests from students in the interest of keeping UVM’s campus safe for everyone. 

    → View Requests and Implementation Progress