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Site Map

Why create a site map?

An alternative navigation scheme is provided for increased usability by helping users find specific lower-level locations within a template site when it is not clear which high-level menu item to look under.

How it works

A table of contents is generated in this feature by reading your site's navigation from its main menu file (defaultmenu.html) and reading the navigation found in sub-menus specified in your main menu. The result is a hierarchical list of all your links specified by your menus for your template site.

Adding one to your site

To add a table of contents/site map page to your page simply add the following to one of your menus (main menu or sub-menu):


For an example, view this site's Table of Contents.

Finally: how it helps YOU

An extended benefit of this feature is the that it helps you, the template user. It is hoped that individuals in charge of organizing and maintaining a template site can have a chance to review their site's navigation. Even if you choose not to provide access to the template-driven Table of Contents, perhaps taking a look at it yourself will help you rethink the organization of your site. Simply type in ?Page=Contents at your template site and take a glance at your site's information architecture. Will it make sense to new visitors? Could it be reorganized?

Last modified September 13 2011 01:06 PM