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Redirects and User-Friendly URLs

There are times when you may want to redirect visitors from one URL — or web address — within your website to another. These instances include directing visitors to the "secure" version of a web page, redirecting visitors from an "old" URL to a new one, or creating a simplified URL — reasons for this might include:

  • you wish to publish the address of a specific page in your website on some print materials
  • you regularly need to direct people on the telephone to a specific page on your website that you don't wish to make publically available via your homepage
  • you need to include a very long address in an email and you don't want it to wrap onto two or more lines (and possibly break the link)

The method for creating such an address depends on the type of redirect.

Explore our section on URLs and redirects to figure out the best method for your site.

Last modified November 09 2011 01:33 PM