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Configuration File (magicoptions.html)

As The UVM Web template is improved and grows over time, more and more features are added. While this gives UVM Webmasters more control over the look and functionality of their sites, it also makes for a very crowded zero line in the defaultmenu.html file. To alleviate this problem, a configuration file, named magicoptions.html can be created and saved in the root directory of your site.

The magicoptions.html takes a similar format as defaultmenu.html; an html table with two or three columns and an unlimited number of rows. The first column holds the option name, and the second column holds the option value (see the table below for a list of all the available options). The third column can hold a short description of the options effect or notes for quick reference, but is completely optional.

Option Name Allowed Values Description
email email address Your department's e-mail address
banner text Your text for a secondary masthead
style teal, lightblue, sage, rust, gold, grass, lime, purple, blue, darkgray, khaki Select a color scheme
stylesheet file name or URL The path to a user created CSS stylesheet
image file name or directory name The path to your departmental logo(s)
image_alt text Alt text for your departmental logo
image_link file name or URL Optional link for your departmental logo(s)
image2 file name or directory name The path to your 2nd/lower logo
image2_alt text Alt text for your 2nd/lower logo logo
image2_link file name or URL Optional link for your 2nd/lower logo
news uvmhome, uvmenvironment, ets... News category to appear in the right column of your site
news_title text Text title for your news column, is in addition to the news category
template_file template2013rwd, nomenu_2010, mobile2011 Select an alternate template file
fullsite URL Link to full website to be used with the mobile template
analytics account number Enter your Google Analytics account to gather statistics on your website
favicon file name, path or URL Your department's custom favorite icon (.ico format recommended)
MM file name The name of your main menu file
news_rss URL Link to a RSS feed to appear in the right side links

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