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Department Phone/E-Mail Directory

You can add a Faculty, Staff, or Student directory listing to your defaultmenu.html file or any other file. This feature taps into the UVM Directory and will display telephone numbers, office locations, e-mail addresses, and even links to personal home pages (if the individual has updated his or her personal information).

Example: University Communications Directory

To add a directory, use this special code in the link column of your defaultmenu.html file or highlight the word and link to that page with a special code that looks like:


In some case, you can use a single word like admissions or psychology and you're all set. Note, the department name is case insensitive. Capitalize in the manner you wish to see the heading displayed on the page.

The best source for discovering the department names recognized in the UVM Directory is to consult the pop-up list of departments found in the advanced option of the UVM Directory themselves.

Temporary employess are not shown in department lists by default. To shown these employees in a directory list, add the following code to the special code above:


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