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Oracle Calendar

If your department or organization maintains a departmental calendar via Oracle Calendar, you can add your department's calendar listings to your Web site. Obtain your Oracle Calendar accounts from ETS' Account Services. Add your events to this calendar and be sure to grant full viewing rights to everyone.

To add a calendar to the template, use this special code in the link column of any of your menu files (defaultmenu.html, news_&_events.html, etc.) or in your content area preceded by ?Page=:


Note: Items marked in bold signify the name of the Oracle Calendar account.

In addition, you can combine multiple agendas into one single calendar by using this code: Calendar&agenda=last-name,first-name,last-name2,first-name2,department,division

Items marked in bold signify the names of the Oracle Calendar accounts.

The default setting is set to display the next seven days (one week). You can change this or create multiple links for different date ranges by adding the following code to that above:

  • For the next 24 hours, add this code: &period=day
  • For the next 30 days, you can use this code: &period=month
  • For the month after next, add this code: &period=nextmonth
  • For the next 60 days, you can use this code: &period=twomonth
  • For the next 365 days, you can use this code: &period=year

When using days, you can choose any number; all you need to do is change the coding to reflect that. For instance, you could call up the next 75 days by using this code: &period=75days

To display calendar information in a calendar format (in lieu of a list), you can append a format code as follows: &displayformat=ascal

To display the English department calendar for the next month (or 30 days, to be specific) in a calendar format your code would look like this:

To add a custom header to your calendar append the following in your code string: &label=My+Department+Calendar

Did you know?
You can also offer your Oracle Calendar in iCal format. The iCal format is compatible with the iPhone and iPod, Google Calendar, and Macintosh iCalendar, among others. Your iCal link looks like this:
You may also wish to display this iCal icon: []

EMS (Events Management System) Calendar

It is also possible to publish a calendar based on events entered into EMS. Listing are generally limited to events designated for publication to the UVM Calendar of Events.

The most common way to use this feature is based on department. To add a EMS calendar listing to your Web site, use this special code in the link column of any of your menu files (defaultmenu.html, news_&_events.html, etc.) or in your content area preceded by ?Page=:

Type EMS& immediately proceeded by any combination of the following (you will need to insert an "&' when using more than one option):

  • group= The department name used in EMS. See the department list for details.
  • room= The room as listed in EMS. See the room list for details.
  • type= The type of event. See the type list for details.
  • series= An event series specified by reservation ID.
  • start= and end= Start and end dates must be specified in the form "2005-03-21". The start date defaults to today, the end date defaults to the week including the start date.
  • period= The time period can be specified in days, months, or years. For example, period=30d and period=3m would show 30 days and three months worth of events respectively.


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