University of Vermont

UVM Self-help Web Guide

University Branding Specifications

Required on UVM websites: the tower logo

The "tower" is the university’s official logo. Deviations from the use of the tower logo and the posted guidelines may occur only with the approval of the president or his/her designee.

The University of Vermont web logo

  • Tower and Text Color: #43613B
  • Font: Arno Display

banner colors

  • Background banner color: #87AD3C
  • Background APPLY box: #426139
  • Background SEARCH and MYUVM box: #729356

"Can we have our own departmental logo on our website?"

Any departmental graphic must be subordinate to the UVM tower logo on all websites. The University Communications office recommends that these secondary marks appear either in the left or the right margin underneath the tower logo (view an example). You can work with the Web Team to ensure that the execution is optimal.

Last modified July 30 2015 09:50 PM