University of Vermont

UVM Self-help Web Guide

Get necessary software

Once you have an account on UVM's server, you'll need several pieces of software in order to be able to build Web pages. Please note: The Web Team does not support software, but we do help you build websites. Read on for more about this ...

File transfer software

When working on a website, you may choose a file transfer program in order to place files on your computer's hard drive for editing.

PC users: ETS supports WinSCP as the university's preferred file transfer software. Download free from ETS.

Mac users: ETS supports Fetch and Fugu. Download free from ETS.

Using a mapped drive

Some prefer to use mapped drives when moving Web files. Read more from ETS on mapped drives.

File transfer via Web

Some may use the UVM Web file manager for moving Web files. Go to the Web file manager.

Other network connectivity software

You may choose to use Terminal, PuTTY or other methods of exchanging data. ETS can suggest other options.

HTML editors

Ultimately, you can use whatever you like as an editor. We cannot train you on an HTML editor with the exception of some light training in Contribute.

Free downloads from ETS: ETS offers and supports Kompozer. This software has its deficiences: it does not always create clean code. However most editors offer similar problems and should be used with caution knowing this.

Other options that are not free: If you do not care about seeing code, consider Contribute. If you want to see both code and a friendly view, Dreamweaver may be a good option for you. Straight text editors such as Notepad or Simple Text are always a great choice.

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