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Faculty Feature: Tina Escaja

How has the digital age transformed the meaning of connection? That's one of the questions professor of Spanish and artist Tina Escaja explores with her work, challenging the boundaries that divide technology and humanity.

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Srinivas Venugopal in India


Elevating Entrepreneurs at the Base of the Pyramid

Growing up in southern India, Srinivas Venugopal witnessed people living in extreme poverty on a daily basis. He often marveled at their entrepreneurial abilities to meet basic consumption needs by selling tea or umbrellas or patching punctured bicycle tires on the streets of Chennai. 

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Students Pocket Cool Million at UVM Lab

The University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Lab reached a milestone late last month. The lab – which provides Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, services to customers around the country – crossed the $1 million threshold in wages paid over the last five years to the UVM students who worked there.

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Chris Evans, UVM Cynic


Helping Protect the Future of Facts

It’s equal parts critique, lesson and conversation as UVM student media adviser Chris Evans sits down with the Vermont Cynic’s editor-in-chief, Erika Lewy ’18, and managing editor, Olivia Bowman ’20, for their weekly review of the university’s student newspaper. Evans, who also advises WRUV radio and UVMtv, is ...

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