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UVM Self-help Web Guide

Publish your work/website

The act of editing in HTML files is really a series of pulling files from your account, working on them locally, then dragging them back to your account in order to "publish" them.

If until this point, you have probably edited your files on your local machine (that is, your computer's hard drive). To actually publish your page and make it live on the Web, you will need to transfer the default.html, defaultmenu.html and any subpage files to your NetID account using a secure file transfer program.

What if I publish a page/site and it's not visible on the Web?

There's a chance your permissions are incorrectly set. This is done differently on different platforms, but often it entails clicking on each file in your directory, finding its properties and ensuring that the correct number is saved as permissions. The correct permissions for files is 644 — or owner, read and write, group and other/world, read.

What if you built your site in a development folder?

If you built your site in a folder within your public_html folder in order to keep it out of sight (ie:, when you're ready to make your website "public," you simply select all of the files within your development folder and drag them into the main public folder. You can then either delete your development folder, or continue to use it as time goes on and you want to attempt something new and keep it hidden.

Last modified March 02 2015 02:09 PM