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Placing your site in context of

Chances are the website you create has a context within the entire website. You can use the site location option to create a logical hierarchy of Web sites that connect to your site allowing your site visitors to easily find their way to your parent site(s).

For example, if you were creating a Web site for the department of linguistics, you may wish to indicate to the user that your site was part of the College of Arts and Sciences, which was, in turn, part of the main academics site at UVM. To do so, you would provide left-hand column links back to these CAS and Academics sites respectively.

Here's a look at how that might look in a menu:


Create a three column table similar to that used for your defaultmenu.html, quick_links.html, or submenus and name it defaultlocations.html. This file must be placed in the same directory as magicscript.php. Here is how the previous example might appear:

1 Academics
2 College of Arts and Sciences

You can have as many or as few default location items as you wish.

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