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UVM Self-help Web Guide

Get a NetID account from ETS

To use the UVM Web template, you must have a personal or a departmental account on the main UVM server (that is, zoo). You cannot use the UVM template on other servers, unless you choose to mimic the design.

Your NetID/zoo account may be used for Web publishing, e-mail and other functions. Individuals with NetIDs at UVM already have designated Web space for building development websites. This can be found at Many will choose to use this space to develop their internal organization's website and to experiment with the many features of the template. But a department or organization's web space will be visible to the public (provided it's placed in the public_html folder) at that department's NetID/Web address:

What if my department needs more than one website? Please note that multiple websites can be built in one single account. To do this, you simply add a new folder/directory in your account. By typing that added directory name in the URL, you can monitor your work as you develop. We often see the following type of naming conventions:

  • and for developing websites:

Who is eligible for such an account? Any academic or administrative department or any officially recognized organization that designates a person who will take responsibility for all use of the address. Organizations must be sponsored by a UVM faculty or staff employee. Contact ETS for exceptions.

What if I don't like the tilde (~) in my url? See our information on creating friendlier URLs.

Faculty, staff and students: If you do not yet have a NetID account may activate accounts online.

Departments/programs/offices: Please read guildelines about host accounts for departments and organizations, then fill out the CIT account application form for departments and organizations.

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