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Request a Tildeless URL or Redirect for Your Website

When an UVM departmental account (NetID) is created on zoo, the account has a webspace and tilde address automatically assigned to it in the form of: You can request a tilde-less (no ~) address with a name of your choosing in lieu of this automatically created address. While we recommend that you request the new name just prior to making your website live (to reduce the risk of the site being found by search engines or web visitors), you can make the request for any official UVM site still under production or even for older sites. For older sites, you can configure your tilde address to redirect to your new address.

Alternatively, there are some circumstances when you might wish to have a simplified address that redirects to a specific page or section of your website. These circumstances are primarily related to print and frequent aural communication of a web page that is not represented (and should not be) on the homepage of your departmental site. In this case a single redirect may be granted.

Note: personal accounts are not eligible for tilde-less addresses or top-level redirects. You can create your own redirects within your own name-space (eg. using a variety of methods.

To request such an address perform the following steps:

  1. Rename the account's public_html directory on zoo to website
    [Do not complete this step if you are requesting a redirect.]
  2. Complete and submit the following form
  3. Await confirmation of your new address

Tracking Redirects

If you are requesting a URL for use in a print campaign and you use Google Analytics, you may wish to consider attaching tracking variables onto the destination address. This allows you to track visits to your site via the redirect in Google Analytics. Google's URL Builder can be used to create these trackable URLs.

Your Information

Requested Web Address

Set up my address:

Important: Your request is not complete until you click the submit button. A copy of your request will be sent to the email you provided. Requests are usually fulfilled within 24 hours or by appointment when indicated.

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