WE student uses WE App on iPhone

The UVM WE App is a research & health promotion tool utilizing incentive-based behavior change in accordance with the principles of the UVM Wellness Environment


What is the UVM WE App?

  • Represents an integral component of the Wellness Environment research study
  • Serves as a platform for collecting research data
  • Acts as a health promotion tool for incentivizing behaviors related to the four pillars of wellness



*updated 9/26/18

Collect WEcoins by utilizing the UVM WE App and the amenities offered through the UVM Wellness Environment. WEcoins are stored in the WE Bank of your UVM WE App.  WE are building a new app which will further provide opportunities to earn coin via the app - stay tuned!

WE Activity How to log on WE App WEcoins Earned
Complete a workout "Log Exercise in app"  5 WEcoins
Complete WE App yoga session "Exercise Libraries"* 5 WEcoins
Complete WE App mindfulness session "Meditation Libraries"* 5 WEcoins
Log UVM dining meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) Scan QR code at the register* 25 WEcoins
Workout in CCRH/CWP/Patrick Gym/Group Fitness Scan QR code at gym desk** 75 WEcoins
Join WE violins Scan QR code at event 75 WEcoins
Peloton workout  Scan QR code at bike* 75 WEcoins
UVM Campus Rec Group Fitness Class Scan QR code in studio* 75 WEcoins
Attend WE yoga/mindfulness class Scan QR code in studio* 150 WEcoins
Attend Speaker Series event  Scan QR code at event 600 WE coins
Attend WE pillar events Scan QR code at event* 600 WEcoins
Attend other WE-sponsored events Scan QR code at event* TBD based on event (see event poster)

*To scan a QR code on the UVM WE App, open the menu and click "WE Event Check-in" to scan and earn WEcoins. WE Cat can see the date and time of each scan to track utilization and attendance!

**If you are eligible for fitness pass program, scanning QR code does not count towards attendance required for pass payment, you must swipe card at gym entrance.  

WE Store

Got WEcoins? Trade them in for gift cards/experiences & swag at the WE Store!  Items will be added and removed throughout the year - but coins will reset at the end of the semester.  

WE Store Location

Wright 109
CWP - Redstone Campus

Pop-up store hours start in October in CCRH.

WE Store Hours

Store hours until October 12th will mirror the WE Research office hours. 

You can also find them on the WE calendar.  

Hours subject to change throughout the semester

Wellness Environment Research

The WE Research Study seeks to determine the effectiveness of incentivizing college students to engage in more healthy behaviors through the use of technology.

Who can access the UVM WE App?

  • Must be a voluntary research participant in the WE Research study
  • Research eligibility requirements: current UVM student, at least 18-years old, own iPhone 5s or higher
  • Will need to have consented into the study and completed a baseline survey 

What are the features of the UVM WE App?

  • Meet WE Cat - chat with WE Cat as you navigate the app & your daily journey to wellness
  • Take your daily WE Survey & view a report of your daily wellness behaviors
  • Track daily activity, including: physical activity, mindfulness, nutrition, hydration & sleep
  • Access over 125 meditations in 3, 5 & 10-minute increments
  • Practice a WE Yoga Flow & 9-Minute Workout with instructor videos
  • Collect WEcoins in your WE Bank for attending WE Events, utilizing WE amenities & logging healthy behaviors
  • View the WE Calendar of Events for each day