Build connections. Create relationships.

WE connect


This key Pillar of Wellness is devoted to the development and practice of relationships.  The University of Vermont Wellness Environment aims to assist students in developing additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they can take to their relationships with themselves, others, and in mentoring.

The Wellness Environment shares in the UVM Division of Student Affairs mission to celebrate and promote safe and healthy community life for people of all races, ethnicities, religions, national origins, socio-economic classes, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, physical and learning abilities, nationalities, and ages. The WE Relate pillar encourages and facilitates student engagement in this shared mission.

About WE Connect

Student group meets as part of WE Connect program
  • Promotes healthy, affirming relationships in a positive, judgment-free environment
  • Improves mental health and resilience among college students
  • Increases interpersonal skills, empathy, and assertiveness
  • Inspires young adults through improved self-awareness and confidence
  • Meet weekly with a group of WE students led by a peer faciliator to get to know one another through fun activities

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About WE Mentors

  • Creates a network of mentorship between the greater Burlington area and University of Vermont students
  • Offers training to become a mentor, as well as additional learning experiences from professionals
  • Pairs college students with children (ages 5-13) from the Vermont Center for Children Youth and Families to build healthy relationships
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield is proud to support WEmentors 

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Quotes from WEmentors Parents and Mentors

WEmentor and mentee drawing each other without looking

“Today we created pie monsters! Afterward, we went outside and played frisbee and wiffleball!” - mentor

“We first had a drawing competition to see who could make the best pumpkin zombie. After, we went outside to play 500.” - mentor

“Max super super enjoys the time with Liam. He's always like "is it Liam today?" Super nice match there. Definitely want to continue.” - parent

“We painted and played ping pong” - mentor

“My mentee’s “grandmother told me he woke up Thursday morning and said “today is my mentoring day, yes!” -mentor

“Before beginning, I was so scared that my mentee wouldn't like me but I don't feel that way anymore.” - mentor

“We baked paleo chocolate chip cookies.” - mentor

“We played some charades and drew pictures of the things we loved and shared with each other.” - mentor