The four pillars of wellness exist as a product of decades of research focusing on neuroscience and health.

In Dr. Hudziak's role as Chief of Child Psychiatry and Director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families at UVM College of Medicine and Medical Center, he has created a new way to help children and families, The Vermont Family Based Approach (VFBA). WE is a novel health promotion program based on the same pillars of wellness emphasized in the VFBA. The approaches of WE have been applied with great success even in the face of great adversity.

WE Fitness Resources

WE Bike in Burlington
  • Peloton bikes available 24/7 in each WE hall
  • TRX suspension training systems available 24/7 in each WE hall
  • In hall fitness center in CCRH and Wright Hall¬†

WE Mindfulness Resources

WE student meditates
  • Instructor-led meditation and yoga classes in the residence hall
  • Mindfulness instruction and practice at the beginning and end of every class in COMU001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies

WE Nutrition Resources

WE mindful food
  • Mindful WE menu options prepared in the dining hall by UVM Dining
  • Dining hall tours and monthly cooking classes presented by UVM Dining
  • Lecture on the gut brain connection - how what we eat impacts our brain - in Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies class

WE Relate Resources

WE student
  • Learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes on developing good relationships
  • Participation in WEmentors to pair-up with community youth

Wellness Resources & Incentives

As a member of the Wellness Environment community, students are given resources and incentives to engage the four pillars of wellness in their everyday lives.

The only requirement is that students fulfill the community requirements and sign off on the WE Code.


WE Requirements

  • Students are required to complete the course COMU 001: Healthy Brain, Healthy Bodies during their first semester of living in WE. All students who choose to live within WE will be automatically pre-registered for this course
  • Community members commit to a residential environment that is free from the influence and presence of alcohol and/or drugs

WE Research

Please contact the WE Research Team for questions about the various research projects going on at UVM, or to see if you are eligible to participate.