Fuel Up. Be Mindful.

WE eat

Utilizing knowledge from the curriculum in Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies, WE students will be equipped with the tools and skills to conveniently partake in mindful eating through:

  • Nutritional options to create well-balanced and portion conscious meals
  • Attention and awareness to daily nutrition and hydration

Mindful Eating & Hydration

UVM Dining water bottle at top of Philo

WE & UVM Dining

The Wellness Environment has partnered with UVM Dining to bring WE students great opportunities be healthy through good nutrition practices, including:

  • WE Mindful menu options available in WE dining facilities
  • Monthly cooking classes
  • Tours to help students navigate the dining halls



Faculty and students from the Master of Science in Dietetics program at UVM offer students in WE a variety of resources to learn healthy ways to eat on campus, as well as tips to transition to staying healthy when eating off campus.