"I am so thankful for the Wellness Environment for giving me this opportunity to continue my journey into healthy living."
– Mallory Curtis, WE Student


Check-out all of the events happening in WE this week!

WE Violin Lessons

Students in WE have access to:

  • Live yoga & meditation
  • Fitness mentors
  • 24/7 virtual fitness classes
  • WEchopped
  • WEmentors (Forms)
  • WE Violin Lessons
  • MUCH more!

WE Code

All students living in WE must agree to and sign the WE Code - a contract between WE students and WE staff to keep the environment suited for building healthy brains so that healthy bodies can follow.


PDF icon WE Moments

During the academic year, any student who is alleged to be in violation of the WE code will be required to attend a PDF icon WE Moment with the Director, Associate Director, and/or Program Coordinator of the Wellness Environment. The UVM WE program follows the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities administered by the UVM Center for Student Conduct and as such also adheres to the parameters outlined in the University’s Medical Amnesty Program (MAP).

WE Fitness Pass Program

Please go to HERE to sign up for the group fitness pass Group Fitness WE Academic Year – GRPEXWE.  This pass gives you access to all Campus Recreation Group Fitness Classes.  You must use this pass a total of 20 times over the course of the academic year to earn your pass free of charge.  Every time you use it, you earn a portion of your pass (5%). You will have to pay for any unused  portion of the pass at the end of the academic year.  The pass has a $140 value.

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