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You have questions? WE have answers!

Does this cost more than regular housing?
No. Housing in WE is based on the same cost as other ResLife housing, based on room type. WE offer many amenities at no extra cost to you. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to be incentivized to participate in wellness through membership reimbursement programs.

Am I required to take part in all four Pillars of Wellness (relate, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness)?
No. Taking part in the pillars of wellness is not required. WE encourage and incentivize students to explore the various resources WE offers as they navigate their personal wellness journey.

What is the HBHB course like?
COMU 001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies discusses the many aspects of healthy living and the influences on a developing individual’s brain and body. Student learning is supplemented by discussion of up-to-date research and guest lectures by a variety of researchers who are at the forefront in their respective fields.

Will I be singled out because I am not athletic?
No! The Wellness Environment is focused on positive living and building an affirmative community. Students will likely have different health and wellness goals. 

Can I be a part of WE if I am accepted into the Honors College?
Yes! UVM offers a WE-HCOL Dual-Citizenship Program.  Please contact the Honors College with questions about this exciting program!

Can I be a part of WE if I am a varsity athlete?
Yes! WE and UVM Athletics have developed a strong partnership working to encourage student athletes to focus on building healthy brains and healthy bodies on and off the field. Please contact Joe Gervais with questions about this partnership.

WE Requirements

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  • WE students are encouraged to complete the course COMU 001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies during their first semester of living in WE
  • Community members commit to a residential environment that is free from the influence and presence of alcohol and/or drugs

WE Locations

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The following halls will be home to WE for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Central Campus Residence Hall in the heart of UVM's Central Campus (all first time first year WE students)
  • Converse Hall on Central Campus (all returning WE students)