Sustainable Vegetable Production Book Available

Successful vegetable farmers do much more than produce vegetables; they also 
manage money, people, and natural resources. Published by NRAES, the Natural
Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, this book will be of use to 
advisors as well as those who grow vegetables or are considering beginning a vegetable
production business.
Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market, introduces the full range of
processes for moderate-scale vegetable production using ecological practices that
minimize the need for synthetic inputs and maximize stewardship of resources. The book
includes in-depth profiles of 32 vegetable producers.

Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market provides practical
information on such essential matters as selecting a farm site; planning and record
keeping; marketing options; and systems for starting, planting, protecting, and
harvesting crops. The 280-page book is enhanced by 91 illustrations, 36 sidebars, and
20 tables. Individual chapters cover fundamental aspects of economic and environmental
sustainability. A final chapter profiles the experiences of individual vegetable
growers and provides enterprise budgets for a number of crops. Appendixes include
additional information resources.

Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market was written by Vernon P.
Grubinger, vegetable and berry specialist for University of Vermont Extension and
director of the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
Recommended for anyone concerned with the balance between crop production and
stewardship of resources, the book will be a valuable resource for aspiring and
beginning vegetable growers, experienced growers, extension personnel, and serious
gardeners, and a useful text for college-level vegetable production courses. 

Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market, NRAES-104, is available for
$38.00 per copy, plus $4 shipping and handling within the continental United States.
Make check payable to 'UVM' and mail with your request and postal address to:
University of Vermont Extension, 11 University Way, Brattleboro VT 05301-3669.
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