University of Vermont

Vermont Agritourism Guides

Best Practices

  • Assessing Your Agritourism Potential Topics include: Taking Stock of Your Resources; Assessing Your Goals; Assessing Your Resources and Resource Needs; Keys to Agritourism Success.
  • Best Practices in Marketing Topics include: The Five P's of Marketing; Writing a Marketing Plan; Sample Marketing Matrix; Vermont Resources.
  • Business and Financial Planning Topics include: What is a Business Plan?; Selecting Your Business Entity; Settign Realistic Income Goals; Budgeting; Pricing; Keeping Good Records; Knowing When to Quit; Financing; Taxes, Permits, and Regulations; Health Considerations.
  • Offering High Quality Visitor Experiences Topics include: Authenticity; Safe Environments and Facilities; Educational Experiences; Strong Customer Service.
  • Safety and Risk Management Topics include: Develop a Farm Safety Plan; Maintain a Safe Environment; Plans of Operation; Staff Education and Training; Emergency Response; The Four P's of Liability; Protecting Yourself Legally.
  • Zoning and Land Use for Agritourism Topics include: Key Land Use Questions for Farmers Considering Agritourism; Land Use Regulations and Bylaws; Navigating Local Land Use Regulations; Agritourism-Friendly Land Use Regulations; The Bottom Line.

How to's

  • How to Design a Farm Tour Topics include: Organizing Your Tour; Budgeting for Tours; Getting the Word Out; Safety; Questions to Answer Before the Tour.
  • How to Develop a Farm Stand Topics include: Town and State Regulations; Location; Food Safety; Risk Management; Marketing; Business Planning; Design and Layout; Staffing.
  • How to Develop a Farm Stay Topics include: Assessing Yourself as a Farm Stay Operator; Planning Your Farm Stay; Activities for Your Guests; Guest Policies; Food and Dining; Regulations; Designing Your Space; Business Structure; Financial Goals; Marketing and Customer Service; Farm Stay Trends and the Ripple Effect.
  • How to Develop a Pick-Your-Own Business Topics include: Advantages and Disadvantages of PYO; Assessing Yourself as a PYO Farmer; Important Elements of a PYO; Financial Planning and Pricing; Building Your PYO.
  • How to Host a Weddings Topics include: Are Weddings Right for Your Farm?; What Do Clients Look for in Wedding Venues?; Marketing Your Venue; Building a Contract; Planning the Event.
  • How to Host Dinners on Your Farm Topics include: Assessing and Planning; Managing Liability; Building a Budget; Marketing; Day-Before-Dinner Checklist.
  • How to Host Summer Camp on Your Farm Topics include: Business Planning; Program Planning; Sample Activites; Staffing; Site and Facilities; Food; Marketing; Risk Management; Evaluation.

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