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UVM turns out some of the most ambitious, innovative, and caring people the world has to offer. Normal and boring are not in our DNA. "
—Ian MacLaughlin, Class of '03

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33-63 Green & Gold Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
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35 80th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
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37 Kathryn”Karie” King Dawalt recently celebrated her 99th birthday! Kathryn met her husband while her parents were stationed in Vermont at Fort Ethan Allen. Both her father and husband graduated from West Point and she proceeded after her marriage and graduation to be a busy Army wife traveling all over the world with her husband and family.
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40 75th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
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41 Thelma Wolinsky Seltzer died in New York City June 27, 2013 at age 93. She won a scholarship to the University of Vermont by writing an award winning essay, “My Mother’s Dinner Set.” She met her husband, Leo M. Seltzer, while studying at UVM. Thelma graduated with a degree in business administration and Leo with an MD. During WWII, while Dr. Seltzer served in the U.S. Army in Europe, Thelma worked in New York on the top secret Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb subsequently dropped on Japan and which hastened the end of the war in the Pacific in August 1945. Barbara Brainard Fretthold ’73 writes, “I’m sorry to report the death of my mother, Mary Skinner Brainard. She was living in Beverly, Massachusetts, and passed away on October 26, 2014, after a short illness. She had to drop out of college due to the war and unfortunately was never able to resume her studies. But because of her wonderful recollections of the time she spent there, I ended up attending UVM myself. I have been reading through her saved correspondence and enjoyed hearing about UVM in the late thirties and early forties.”
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42 Gwen Brown sent a note and a photo of Fred Webster’s Concord Coach Replicas in Orleans, Vermont. His business is the Coventry Coach Factory and his replicas are crafted in line with the ruggedness of the hillside of the great Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where they are being built; finessed in line with the beauty of nature’s art in those hills; slightly imperfect in line with that of the builder. A copy of the photo can be found in the alumni photo gallery. Bill Rice ’75 wrote to thank Gwen for reaching out to his mother, Hester Rice, prior to her death in March. Hester was 95, when she passed away in Montpelier, Vermont. When she graduated from UVM, she did so cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She married Forrest Rice of Derby, Vermont, in Boise, Idaho, where he was stationed at Gowen Air Field. They returned to Vermont in 1946 and resided in Newport. She had a son, William Herbert, and afterward she worked at a radio station, taught third and fourth grades, and worked at Associated Insurance Agencies. She was an active member of the United Church.Submit your news to—
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43 Patty Pike Hallock gave a talk at the Congregational Church in Rutland on her time spent in the West Indies. The grandson of Mary Beth Bloomer, Matthew Asa Bloomer '00, was recently elected to the Board of Aldermen in Rutland, continuing a family tradition of service to the community and state. Matthew is the son of William Bloomer '73. I will be having cataract surgery soon. They say that’s a piece of cake! Please send me news of what you are up to. I hate blank columns.
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45 70th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
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46 Nancy E Ciaschini ’73 shared that her mother, Mary Boardman Ciaschini, age 90, passed away on Feb 2, 2015 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Mary was born in Saint Albans, Vermont and was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She was the wife of the late Walter A. Ciaschini to whom she was married for 60 years. They resided in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, for over 30 years until retiring to Venice, Florida, in 1986. They also enjoyed summers at their home in Greensboro, Vermont. Mary retired from Berkshire Life Insurance Co. She spent many rewarding years volunteering with her church, museum, historical and library organizations. She always enjoyed keeping in touch with her Theta sisters and attending many class reunions, as well as winter and summer sports, quilting and baking.
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Mrs. Harriet Bristol Saville

47 Ken Lanouette called to report the death of his wife Jane Smith Lanouette on November 11, 2014. She was known as Midge in college. She was a good friend and sorority sister of mine and we’d always kept in touch. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. I have recently reconnected with Anita Ross Pinney. She is not only a UVM classmate but a high school one as well. I’m looking forward to news from other ‘47ers!
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Louise Jordan Harper

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50 65th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Dr. Mike Wiedman says, “We will be at Oxford University, Mitford College, researching and studying this summer. Prior, I’ll be following my wonderful wife and good sport, Irene, again up the trails in Zermantland Lower Matterhorn, re-climbing. Still active in medical offices, Harvard Professor, Mass. General and Mass. Eye Infirmary. Homecoming to Beacon Hill, Boston, this September. Do write or visit. We have five climbing floors.” As your class secretary and one of the volunteers for planning our 65th Reunion, I am writing to urge all those in our class who are able, to plan to attend! The dates are Friday, October 2 to Sunday, October 4. As you saw on the postcard sent to us all, special events are planned at that time for all Reunion-year classes. It would be very good to hear from you soon, especially if you have any ideas about suggestions for when we see each other again at the Reunion. Doug Tudhope is another of our classmates who agreed to be on the planning committee.
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Hedi Ballantyne

51Claire and Dick Fink sent a very creative Christmas card from Florida with a picture of a holiday palm tree with wrapped gifts under it that Santa must have left. Charles Wiley writes, “This, 2015, has been quite a year so far. In February I retired after 48 years on the board of the O.M. Fisher Home Foundation which owns and operates The Gary Home in Montpelier. In recognition of this event the board had the library renovated, remodeled and dedicated to me and my wife Carol (who passed away in December, 2014). This was a very moving event for me. The Gary Home is a copy of the Converse Home in Burlington and presently has a few UVM alumni living there. Then the announcement of the demolition of the ‘Shoe Box’ dormitories at UVM brought back ‘moving’ memories of the fall of 1947 when we moved into the new dorms. The smell of fresh paint and new furniture is still with me today. I remember being awakened at midnight to the sound of bowling in the hallway outside our door. Someone had set up beer and whiskey bottles as ten pins and taken the round door knobs off the doors to use as bowling balls. Caution—wear shoes or slippers in the halls. Then the announcement of the day (1947) that this was the first class in excess of 1,000 students in UVM history. Quite a year!”
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Valerie Meyer Chamberlain

52 Beverly Barker Wiggins ’50 writes, “My husband, Harry B. Wiggins, of Scottsdale, Arizona, died on March 9, 2015.” Submit your news to—
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53 Shirley Eva Bryant Money of Centerville, Massachusetts, passed on March 2, 2015. At UVM she was vice president of the Student Women’s Association, officer of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, and officer of the Student Christian Association and the Interfaith Council. On July 10, 1954 she married Max Money in the Putney Federated Church and then moved to Napa, California, where sons Steve, Tom, and Peter were born. In 1972 the family moved to Centerville, Massachusetts, where Shirley and her husband have lived for forty-two years. Shirley’s greatest love was her husband Max and her family. Judith Griffin McKelvey ’79 writes, “Dr. Ray Evan Griffin passed away peacefully in West Glover, Vermont, on December 21, 2014 at the age of 92. He attended UVM on the G.I. Bill and then the University of Maryland Dental School. He had a dental practice in Bellows Falls, Vermont, for many years. He leaves a long legacy of UVM grads including his children, Rodney Griffin ’72 G’73, Ronald Griffin ’74, Robert Griffin ’75, ’80 and Judith Griffin McKelvey ‘79, his daughter-in-laws: Margaret Hammond ’71, Dr. Pamela Hinds ’73 and Kathleen McGinty Griffin ’79, and his granddaughters, Sarah Griffin ‘11 and Hannah Tobey ’18. Sarah’s UVM graduation banner and a UVM Golf Team hat were proudly displayed at his memorial service on December 27, 2014. Arthur Sarlat writes, “I visited UVM on September 14 for the first time in 61 years. What a change! We were graciously hosted by a member of the Alumni Association to whom we give many thanks. The campus is still beautiful. Two of my family have attended UVM: Alicia Law LaCour G’04 and Jordan Sedwin ’14. I mourn the loss of TEP fraternity, and think of Dean and Mrs. Kroepsche who hosted my last semester.” UVM Thetas Jane Wilson Durie and Bunny FitzSimons Smith ’54 join me to bring sad news of the loss of our dear friend Jean Hawley Navarra on March 15 of this year. We enjoyed more than half a century of annual mini-reunion UVM lunches in Palo Alto, California. Looking back at college days, Bunny says, “I well recall Jean. She always looked so calm and poised. No one ever wore a camel’s hair coat better than Jean.” It is good to remember the happy UVM days as, one by one, our friends and classmates finish their final life journeys. Classmates, please send news of your current activities and UVM memories to me via snail mail. I love to hear from you and promise to include whatever you send in the next Quarterly.
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55 60th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Panoushek ’54 shares, “I received a call from Jeff Hughes telling me that his mother, Joyce Bosley Hughes ’55, had passed away earlier in the day. She was the wife of the former Dr. Charles Lloyd Hughes ’53, Col. U.S. Army, Ret., a UVM graduate and a very good friend of mine since childhood in Fair Haven, Vermont. Joyce was a native of Burlington, Vermont. She is survived by Jeff and six other siblings. She had been stricken with dementia. Joanne Murray Blakeman writes from Montpelier, Vermont, “Just can’t believe it’s been 60 years!”
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Jane Morrison Battles
Hal Lee Greenfader

56 Carol Parker Day writes, “Our fourth grandson to attend UVM, Joshua Blouin ‘15, is graduating this year. He has studied wildlife management in the Rubenstein School.” Marsha Pearl Jamil shares, “When the kids were little, we (meaning ‘I’) took care of various pets: a nervous Shetland pony, a mean goat, rabbits, ducks, huge snapping turtles, etc. Months ago, when Ben brought home a handsome sienna-brown chicken, I said, ‘no thanks, give it to the grandchildren.’ But he wanted fresh eggs, so he set the hen up in our flower room. Lo and behold one egg, then a few days later another, then another and another. Then the hen got sick and could hardly stand. So why not call the leader of America’s chicken and egg industry, our very own internationally-famous Gil Dedrick. I had shown Ben newspaper articles about Gil’s accomplishments and Ben was suitably impressed. After they discussed potential remedies, I got back on the phone and Gil said, ‘Marsha, give it away or kill it.’ My husband remarked, ‘How come every time you need any info, the top man/woman in the field always turns out to be a UVM graduate?’ Simple answer, ‘We’re a special breed.”’ Virginia (Ginny) Rosse MacEntee writes, “I recently retired from the State University of New York at Oswego. But I still teach a special education course online that our pre-service teachers need for certification. I spend 6-7 months in our condo in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The rest of the time I live outside of Syracuse. I frequently travel to visit our children and grandchildren who are scattered from Alaska to Switzerland.”
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Jane Stickney

57 Len Kreisler writes, “I have been my wife’s caregiver, primary physician and power of attorney for about 10 years: Joan Dorfman Kreisler. She fell and broke a wrist and hip while celebrating Thanksgiving 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is now in a group home in the area. You can see my last entry into my Caregiver blogs ( We met at UVM and have many great memories.” Susan Cochran says “I am still serving as president of the League of Women Voters of Maryland. My two-year term will be over at the end of May. My husband, Carter, and I went to Burlington, Vermont, at New Year’s to visit my sister, Ann Lanzet ’61. In summer we will go up to stay on the lake. We saw Shirley Campbell Prushko and John Prushko and Loran Dean Brown last summer and expect to visit with them again in 2015. Visited San Francisco last fall and made excursions to Muir Woods, a dream I’ve had, Yosemite and Napa Valley. My first time in San Francisco, if you can believe it.” Recently on the way home from Florida, Julie and Bob Dempsey Jr. stopped to visit with Janice and Doug Burke, classmates now living in Hilton Head. They report, “We had a nice visit and dinner at their beautiful retirement home.” Jay Zwynenburg writes, “This year has been one of the greatest ski years in recent Vermont times. I was able to ski every week starting with the first week in January until mid-April except for Presidents Week when I was in Naples Florida. (Too crowded on the slopes in Vermont.) Continuing to stay active and healthy by working and enjoying what I am doing.”
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58 Steve Rozen writes, “I am a Florida resident now but I do spend five months in Connecticut. I am still working as an oral surgeon, but only on request. I was all set to throw in the towel, but ended up doing another year. I will end it with another mission to Honduras in the spring with UConn Dental School. I keep trying to retire, but they don’t let me! It must be that Vermont work ethic that I accidentally picked up. All I can say is life is good here in paradise (Naples).” Carolyn Hunt Wall Cheney tells us, “I enjoyed seeing several UVM classmates at a Burlington High School 60th reunion last summer as well as re-connecting with my other high school classmates. In addition, I always find the Vermont Quarterly an excellent way to keep up with the interesting and varied activities of students and faculty. I haven’t done a lot of traveling since I last wrote but did enjoy trips to Cancun and Cuba, back before it opened up. I keep busier than I want to some days and enjoy the music and sports at Eastern Washington University as well as all that Spokane has to offer.”
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59 Diane (Deedee) Weiss Mufson tells us, “In February, Marsha Eisen Schorr, Helen Kruk Leddy and I, (UVM roommates) and our husbands had a wonderful time celebrating our 56th reunion in Naples, Florida. Deedee and her husband, Maury, who live in West Virginia, are snowbirds in the Miami area. Last year, Deedee published her first book, Dispatches of a Columnist: Opinions on Politics, Kids, Common Sense and Sex, which is available from Amazon. Marsha and her husband, Sam, live in Scarsdale, New York, and spend a couple of winter months in Naples. And Helen and her husband, Bruce, live in Lehigh Acres, Florida, year round.” Lois Annable Rupert writes, “You’ve probably heard of the big ice storm in Tennessee in February. We were without power for six days. Fortunately we had a propane gas vented fireplace that helped us survive, along with burning 16-plus candles. We went out for breakfasts and had dear friends that invited us for evening dinners. Our community and surrounding areas looked like a war zone; people said the weather was equivalent to an F-2 tornado. Many homes had damage from falling trees. Glad to see summer now!” Lois also went on a cruise last year to Alaska with her husband, Dave. A photo of it has been posted on the Alumni Association’s web gallery.
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Henry Shaw, Jr.

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60 55th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Brian Harwood sends a reminder to the Class of 1960, “Our 55th Reunion is this October. Tick tock!” Howard Busloff shares, “Living well. Winters in Florida, summers in New York City. Would love to hear from others.” Anne Gulick Heck shares, “As usual, our annual Florida reunion for Tri Delta Sisters occurred this winter for a luncheon get together. This included Joan Billington Dickson and her husband, Bob, Jean Young Weaver and her husband, Charlie, Joan Birmingham, and Anne Gulick Heck and her husband, Jack. This tradition has been going on for several years.
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61Jan Mashman emailed, “I have been in full-time practice of neurology, but will start part time this year. I’ve also been teaching UVM medical students at Danbury Hospital primary teaching hospital of UVM College of Medicine. I spent time this winter at our home on Dewees Island off Charleston, South Carolina, with Susan celebrating 55 years of marriage. Bob Hobbie and his wife, Joyce, visited. Our two children and four grandchildren are well.” Julie Cass Kullberg emailed, “We still spend our winters in Clearwater, Florida, and our summers on Irondequoit Bay in Rochester, New York. We plan on spending some time on Cape Cod this summer. After a visit to our older son and family in Needham, Massachusetts, we will join my sophomore year roommate, Julie Hall Werher, and husband Bill for a stay at The Old Maine Inn in Poland Springs.” Jim McCarthy, his wife, Paula Mills, and their son, Ian, are living in Costa Rica for a year while Ian attends La Paz Community School in Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste. Ian will have a pretty good command of Spanish inasmuch as 50% of the instruction for reading, science and humanities is done in Spanish. They have taken side trips to Peru, Nicaragua and Panama. Great year, but looking forward to returning home to Durango, Colorado in July 2015. Jim says they can also offer advice to fellow UVMers contemplating travel to Costa Rica- Paul Murphy says: “I just heard that Wills, Buckham, and Chittenden will be torn down and replaced. I still have great memories of touch football games, excursions to the Dairy Bar, and the quarter mile walk for Soggy Food. Nevertheless, with rooms like a cheap motel, unreliable heat, and noise amplifying walls they should have gone a long time ago. I am pleased I can share memories of Wills with Bill Mooza, Bob and Pete Weiss, Pete Nelson, Bob Goldman and my great nephew, James Conley ’94. RIP Wills!” Susie Sells Hodgson emailed, “We moved again to Kingsmill in Williamsburg. Our new address is: 122 Harrop’s Glen. We are on the golf course and loving this resort life!” Louise Magram Weiner had dinner with UVM grads who were visiting Naples, Florida: Stan Messenger ‘60, Shelly Lipsett and their wives enjoyed seeing each other again after ever so many years! The UVM connection lasts forever! Ruth Engs says, “We now spend a few months during the winter at our condo near Pensacola, Florida. While there, I am having a wonderful time being a docent at the National Naval Aviation Museum. It’s the third largest aircraft museum in the country. I’m still doing research and working on another book.” Graham Phelps wrote, “Just returned from a great trip to Cuba. Twenty of us joined an educational tour. A week later, I joined two of my grandchildren for a gala birthday get together near Nashville. We were there for one of the snow and ice storms which just added to the drama.” Linda Farnkoff (Artus) Kirker sends, “My residence is in Georgia, Vermont, where I built a home in 2004. For nine years I have been in the Vermont State Guard, and currently serve as a Captain at 1BN (VSG) in Saint Albans. Since 2007, I have produced and hosted a weekly, live, public access cable television program called “Sound Off.” My grandson, Erik Ross Artus, an electro-mechanical engineer in Charlotte, North Carolina, has set a date for his marriage to Abigail Dodd, an RN, in Vermont, this September. That is the excitement in my life....for now. Best regards to our classmates.” Roger Zimmerman reports: “For the first time in 29 years I didn’t guide a backcountry ski trip to Yellowstone National Park. It was a good winter to stay home in Maine as we had a big snowpack and cold temperatures—for me, a great winter. Daughter Heather is in Africa (Uganda) on a Global Health Initiative Fellowship. Wife Lynne visited her in February and both of them summited Kilamanjaro. I hope to visit in May and we’re planning on a safari to see gorillas. I’m still working in forensic psychology, but always cut way back in winter in order to ski guide. Best wishes to fellow classmates.” David Dibbell submitted that: “Sandra (Bailey) Dibbell, spent the month of January with her sister Connie Garcia in beautiful South Africa. The trip included a tour of the major metro areas and an exciting five-day safari where a good variety of wildlife was encountered.” Kathe Allen writes: “We (that would be with Rolly, of course) have been in Islamorada in the Florida Keys for February and March. On the way down we spent a few days in Charleston with Caroline Tyler Nordquist and her husband, Don. Judy Morse Baxter and George Baxter ‘60 spent a week with us in the Keys. In April we are heading out to Los Angeles to visit our son David Allen ‘90. While there, we plan on seeing Jerry Edelstein and Roy Ackerman. We hope that any UVMer who is in the Lake George area will come for a visit. It is hard to believe we have lived on the shores of Lake George for 15 years.” Connie Paulding says, “We have moved to Florida. Our address is: 645 Marina Point Drive, Daytona Beach, FL.” And from your class scribe: I’m sorry to report the death of two classmates: M. Joe Barry on March 7, 2015. Joe retired in 1997 after 31 years as a physics instructor and chairman of the Science Department at Burlington High School. Bernard Germain on February 18, 2015. Bernard served for two years in the U.S. Army at Governor’s Island, New York. He was a Vermont State Social Worker for many years serving the children and youth of the state. Later, he retired from years of work at IBM in Essex Junction. In his retirement until just a few years ago, he worked part time for the Colchester, Vermont, School District. I was also sorry to receive the news of the passing of Shelly Weiner ’60 MD ’64, the spouse of our class president. Our sympathies to Louise Weiner and her family.
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Steve Berry

62 Beverly Knight Cone moved to Oak Hammock, a senior living community, in Gainesville, Florida. Barbara Rifkin Levy just survived three years as chair of the Board of Trustees of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, and writes, “I am finding retirement to be more and more to my liking. Admittedly, I am still involved with the symphony which continues to get better and better every year. I am also finishing a 12-year term and position as immediate past chair of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ International Ethics Committee. My husband, Martin, and I are making the most of these years for travel and have had some exciting experiences along the way. I wish all my classmates the joy of rediscovering life after work!” Judy Cohen ’58 writes, Jim Rosenblum owns a NASCAR team that races in the truck series—#28 FDNY—representing the Fire Department of New York. His crew is mostly retired firemen and policemen from New York City. He was awarded a Liberty Medal by Mayor Bloomberg of New York for his efforts for the Widows and Children’s Fund after 9/11. Richard (Dick) Aldinger tells us, “Janet and I are still living in Orlando, Florida. We celebrated our 50th wedding Anniversary in June of last year with a family party in Branson, Missouri, and a western road trip to such memorable sites as Mount Rushmore, Custer’s Last Stand, Pike’s Peak and the Devil’s Tower. In 23 days we travelled 6,000 miles, and visited 17 states.” Submit your news to—
Patricia Hoskiewicz Allen

63Greetings classmates! It’s been awhile since you heard from me. As the years flew since our 50th Reunion, so did my life, as I’m sure so did yours! As I think back to our Reunion, I remember the bittersweet feelings of seeing so many of you, yet feeling the loss of many of our friends and family. One of my former roommates, Elaine Stauber, Lainie as we know her, writes, “Here’s what I’ve been doing since Reunion. I make the effort to spend time with my twin grandsons, Evan and Drew, both wrestlers, who will be graduating from eighth grade this June. Their Iowa cousin, August, will graduate from high school in May and I will make the trip to celebrate with her. Then in June, the four of us will spend two weeks in Italy, their graduation presents. Time spent with my New Jersey family, daughter Karen, sisters and cousins, is usually around the dinner table! My Colorado family, daughter Kelly, and her husband Chris, and I spend our time on the ski slopes in winter and on the hiking and biking trails the rest of the year. We recently participated in Pink Vail, an event to raise funds for cancer research. Last weekend, it was the Lindsey Vonn, epic race finals where we all won silver medals, bestowed on us by Lindsey! Yet, with all of these wonderful opportunities with family and friends, my best choice was to begin ballroom dance with a most dedicated teacher and partner. We are now competing in international Latin throughout the USA. I won my first championship in New York City this past February, we were thrilled!” Elise Moeller Widlund writes, “Having moved back to Vermont, Woody ‘64 and I could not be happier. Living at Wake Robin CCRC has been exciting, busy, social, and rewarding as we find like-minded, humorous, curious and interesting individuals. Photography still keeps us both busy and engaged. Love to hear from other UVM grads.” Mary Bunting Decher says, “Life has been full of family, horses and dogs, and enjoying the wonderful mountains. But we live way out here in Washington State so not too many sightings of UVMers with the exception of a few wonderful regulars such as Nora Barclay Terwilliger, Joan Powell Kerzner, and Marty Russell Wade. If any of you are coming this way, send an email. We’ll make it happen!”
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Toni Citarella Mullins

64 Harold M. Frost, III writes, “I have turned my experience as a research scientist in New Mexico after acquiring a major disability, into a potential lesson learned that others with disabilities can benefit from, too, should their own employers become more progressive on this D & I matter as a business imperative, not just as a strategy for complying with statutory law like the ADA of 1990. One such employer is The University of Vermont where I was an unpaid research associate in its Department of Physics in 2005-2007.” Jeffrey Graham asked if the folks who wrote about their lives since graduation in the Memory Book for our 50th Reunion, would be willing to share with others in our class column. “It would be nice to have more news to share. It may be 50 years but we all remember what our years were like!” Effin Older has created a second app. Her first, Kickass Grammar, is for adults and kids. The second, Grammar in your Pocket, is for teachers and students. It’s available on Edmodo, “the Facebook of education” where it is one of the top three paid apps. Mickey Steinberg is looking forward to another golf match between “old” fraternities, Phi Sig vs. TEP. Last year’s matches were cut short due to weather and scheduling, but the TEP’s (Neil Yeston and Steve Ratner) were finally victorious over the “Fern Hiller’s” (Howie Gorney and Mickey Steinberg). Bob Leavitt writes, “Body pieces have been repaired and some removed. It seems a bit of dementia moving in, but I’m hangin’ in there.’ Song: ‘I’m busy doin’ nothing, working the whole day through trying to find lots of things not to do. I’d like to be unhappy but I never can find the time.’ (The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, if I recall correctly.) Best to all!” Robert A. Silverstein shares, “In the last two years I travelled to New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, and Kohima, Nagaland. Body is (not so) slowly breaking down, mind still functioning, and will head back to India as long as I have the health and money. But Albany is a nice place to do laundry, watch my Yankees lose, pig out on pizza, and get some rest with my own filth, rather than a hotel’s. Hope the class of ‘64 is growing old gracefully, or at least growing old.” Carl B. Martin IV ‘95 writes, “My father, Carl B. Martin III, passed away on January 14, 2015. This would have been his 50th Reunion. Dad graduated with a bachelor’s in economics and played for the UVM baseball team where he threw two one-hitters: one against University of Rhode Island and one against University of Connecticut. The full obituary can be found at:
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Susan Griesenbeck Barber

65 50th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Noel Davis Induni is finally retired and settled down in Essex Junction. He writes, “During the good weather I spend most of my time trying to get my golf ball to go where I want it to go and my dogs to go where I want them to go on the agility course. I haven’t been all that successful in either endeavor but it has been fun trying. During the winter, I just spend my time waiting to get back to it.” Stephen Joslin retired from Vermont Mutual Insurance Company. Maintaining and spending time at historic Camp #10 in Lewis, Vermont, and watching the electronic world pass him by. Mark Ira Berson says, “I’m looking forward to my 50th Reunion, the birth of our sixth grandchild, slowing down, traveling, and more time at Cape Cod. All is well.” Richard Turrone writes, “In my eleventh year of retirement and continue to enjoy growing wine grapes and making wine in the Sierra Foothills. California is in its fourth year of drought. We sure could use some of the Green Mountain rainfall.” Gail Marie Perlee shares, “I’m enjoying my fifteenth year of retirement on my desert acre with my two dogs, and still doing my Morgan horse research and writing.” William Porter retired from his vice president of labor relations position at Southern New England Telephone in 2001 after being in various marketing, operations and human resource assignments during a 34-year career there. He served in the U.S. Army as a first Lieutenant in Vietnam after graduation and was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in a combat zone. William is currently working part-time as a property risk insurance consultant and a player assistant at a golf course in Naples, Florida. He and his wife, Maureen, spend six months in Florida and six in Connecticut. Daughter, Jennifer, lives in Milton, Massachusetts, with their grandchildren, Cecily, 11, and Lucy, 3.
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Colleen Denny Hertel

66 Norman Rosenblum is in his third two-year term as mayor of Mamaroneck, New York. Anne Seeman Brown is on the UVM New York Regional Alumni Board, and along with Barbara Clark Kay ’67, is actively organizing the UVM Alumni Green and Gold Affinity Group. This group will consist of UVM alums age 60 and above. Its mission is to connect UVM alums for social and educational purposes and will concentrate in areas of the country where more retired alumni reside. Anne is very excited for the start of this group and is asking for classmates who would like to be engaged in this endeavor to contact her at We appreciate her efforts. Mary Eddy Semones writes, “After many years living in states other than Vermont, I am again a Vermont resident. Have retired and returned to the family farm.” Donald E. Sawyer continues to enjoy retirement. He writes, “I have been travelling more and I am really looking forward to a Rhine River cruise on Viking in May. Hard to believe that our 50th Reunion is in 2016 and I look forward to attending.” Michael Karel finally wrote that book he always wanted to write. Published by Northshire Press (Vermont!). The Patrol is available on Amazon. Harvey Bazarian sends special accolades to classmate and Senior Senator Dick Sears for his excellent work in the legislature. A group of us including Dave Mathews, Don Mayland, Jack Lylis, Rusty Brink, Ed Kinary and others meet annually with golf as an excuse. Tim “Dolly” Madison writes, “I am still running a Financial Planning Practice in Alpharetta, Georgia, as a Certified Financial Planner. Though retired from both GE and The Coca-Cola Company, the financial planning practice keeps me busy 50 hours per week, but it is something I truly enjoy doing. In my spare time, I teach the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class at our church. My wife, Linda, and I do as many things as we can with our three grown children and eight grandchildren, five of whom live in Georgia and three in Maryland. This May we will attend college graduation for our oldest grandchild–the things that make you feel old!” Don’t forget (and how could you forget?) that our 50th Reunion is in 2016. This will be a special time for us, so please stay tuned for updates as we approach this milestone.
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Kathleen Nunan McGuckin

67 Donna Baraw Wheeler is divorced and living in Stowe, Vermont. She is expecting her first grandchild in July—a girl! Carol T. Pratt ‘68 says, “Spencer G. Pratt, of Glastonbury, Connecticut, passed away on January 10, 2015.” Barbara Clark Kay has recently retired to Stowe, Vermont, and has joined the UVM Regional Alumni Board. Barbara practiced general dentistry in the Boston area and taught at Tufts Dental School. She was involved with the Tufts Alumni during her career and served as president. She and Anne Brown ’66 are forming a new alumni group called the UVM Alumni Association Green and Gold Affinity Group. This group is for connecting our generation of UVM alumni for social and educational purposes. Barbara hopes to reconnect with many of her classmates through this group.
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Jane Kleinberg Carroll

68 Norman ’69 and Jeanne Merrill say, “Richard Merrill ’02 graduated from the West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg and is currently a fellow in pulmonary intensive care at the Leahy Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts.” Since graduating, Eva-Lynn Schultz Loy taught elementary school. After several years, she returned to school to receive a second master’s in expressive art therapy. In 2004, she moved to New Hampshire with her husband and began focusing on her own painting. Since then, her work has appeared in many national and regional juried exhibits. Evie’s paintings are part of private collections from the East to West Coasts. She’d love you to take a look at her website: Jeffrey Kuhman was proud and honored to represent UVM again at the inauguration of incoming University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel last August. (He also represented UVM at outgoing President Mary Sue Coleman’s inauguration in 2002.) He writes, “The marching and seating order is determined by your university’s founding date, so with UVM’s 1791, I was right up front with the ‘big boys!’” Joanne Koledo Kuhman writes, “Kudos to Doug Arnold ’70 and wife Barbara for once again organizing a mid-winter mini-reunion in Naples, Florida, in February. In addition to the hosts, Ron Tice ‘69 and wife Mary, Peter Doremus and wife Jane, Jack Stroker ‘69 and wife Lindsey, John and Sally Hines ‘69, and Jeff and Joanne Kuhman met at Miller’s Ale House for an evening of reminiscing and embellishing. Contact Doug Arnold if you plan to be in the Naples area next February. David John Salls writes, “Enjoying semi-retirement from 20 years in consulting. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 1990 and my wife and I have two daughters and four granddaughters living close by and grabbing a lot of our attention! Playing golf and spending time also on woodworking. Would enjoy knowing other UVM folks living near Charlotte. Contact me at” Jeff Freeman recently bought a house in Mount Dora, Florida and published fifth novel, Mid-Life Friends and Illusions. Peter D. Jones shares, “After 30 years in the Air Force, seven years in career education and another seven years in the defense industry working for corporate America, my fun meter was pegged. Retired to pursue my search for the perfect cappuccino, a reliable golf swing, and arranging road trips for my running gang. The Vermont City Marathon in 2014 was wet and windy, but also nostalgic. One last look at Wills Hall, memories of Dr. Gregg, Coach Archie Post, and that bar in Winooski where we never drank before turning 21...all came flooding back. I dread looking at the VQ obit page for fear of names I remember fondly, but time marches on. See you at our 50th, fellow classmates.” Paul Malone writes, “Since graduation and after his military tour of duty in Vietnam, former football captain, Dan Martin returned to Connecticut and became a highly respected high school and collegiate football official, eventually being inducted into the Connecticut Football Referee Hall of Fame. Along with his officiating, for more than 35 years, Dan became volunteer leading committee member in the Greater New Haven Chapter of the National Football Foundation, which is affiliated with the NFL Hall of Fame. He had a major role in selecting scholar athletes in the state for collegiate scholarships from the Foundation. In September, Dan was selected (one of four nationwide) by the National Football Foundation to be honored for his years of service. Alongside the NFL Hall of Fame inductees, Dan was feted at the annual Hall of Fame inductions awards event at the Waldorf Astoria. Dan and his wife, Carol, reside in Huntington, Connecticut, and would like to hear from classmates.”
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70 45th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Richard Prince writes, “After 45 years of lurking, it’s finally time to check in. I’ve lived in Southwest Florida for several years after a career of teaching high school math in Essex Junction, retiring in 2001. While at Essex, I started and directed summer school and adult education programs, and in later years, was active in the local Teachers’ Association. During retirement, I’ve kept busy with online auction sales, handyman work, and lots of domestic travel. I still own rental property in Vermont and get to Burlington at least twice a year.” Wayne Conner has recently retired for the second time from the Aerospace Contract Engineering field to Sebastian, Florida with his wife and the geckos. He enjoys golfing and visiting grandkids in Kansas, South Dakota and Vermont.
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Doug Arnold

71 It’s April as I write this and I’m reporting on winter and spring notes from classmates. I suggest that the Class of ’71 find a replacement for me, since I totally forgot the deadline for the “spring” issue and am now backtracking with news. The good thing is that I just visited Myron Grauer at his office at Capital University Law School in Columbus on April 16, and I have more news! On the replacement front: I suggest that Owen Jenkins take the position of class secretary —he’s got great stories and a wonderful sense of humor. Richard and I spent an afternoon with Owen and Wendy Reilly Jenkins ’73 soon after the returned from an Australia/New Zealand month-long trip. We went to the Vermont Stage play, and grabbed a drink following where we discussed the American “tourist” who wears plaid and talks loudly (Sarah’s description), only to notice that Owen was wearing a plaid shirt. From Myron Grauer: After twenty-four and a half years as a law professor at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio (and having before that taught for ten years at Southern Illinois University and the University of Cincinnati), Myron Grauer writes that he decided to trade his life as an academic bum for life as a part-time ski bum and took emeritus status from Capital after the fall 2014 semester. Unfortunately, he did not have the good sense to be loyal to UVM and come to the great piles of snow in Vermont this past winter, but instead went to Whistler for most of February, 2015, which had the worst ski season in memory, with the entire town and the bottom one-third of the mountains green at that time. As a result of this experience, he now is having withdrawal symptoms from his old life as an academic bum and plans to be a visiting professor in the fall of 2015 at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law where he will teach one class. Then maybe he will get smart in his semi-retirement and come to Vermont to ski for part of the winter of 2016. I also saw Chris Warden Malley and her husband, Ed, at their office (The Lawyers Group) where they develop media advertising. Ed and Chris were hard at work, but took some time to chat about UVM, classmates and news in their lives which includes having two children out of college and in the work world. Ed and Chris had just seen Jeff Faller, and I need to check with Jeff on the details, but his son is off and running in the organic farm business. I will fact-check this in the next column. Chris and Ed planned on visiting Gretchen Whitney in D.C. in April. And, back to winter: I hope folks saw that Walt Blasberg received a Distinguished Service Award at the Celebrating Excellence Dinner at the Davis Center (covered in the last Vermont Quarterly). His old friend, James Leopold ’74 (Jonathon Leopold’s ’71 brother) was there with his wife Candis to enjoy the proceedings. There is also news dating back to early November: I saw Robin Ackerson Peterson in Minneapolis when Richard and I were there for a family wedding. Robin gave me a tour of her offices at Coldwell Banker Burnet Homes where she works very full time and is still loving her career. Robin and Fran will be in Vermont in May when their son, Derrick, graduates from the Albany College of Pharmacy, Colchester, Vermont campus. He’ll be moving back to Minnesota with his fiancee to finish up two hospital rotations. Peter A. Rousseau and wife Billie Gates Rousseau (Virginia Tech ’73) are pleased to announce that their oldest son, Charles Peter, has completed his Master of Philosophy degree requirements at Emmanuelle College at the University of Cambridge UK. Charles graduated with an evaluation of ‘Distinction’ from the examiners who graded his dissertation, the highest achievement possible. Charles will be attending Yale University to obtain his doctoral degree in English literature beginning in September 2015. Peter and Billie are looking forward to visits to New Haven and hope to enjoy it as much as they have Williamstown and Cambridge in years past. Peter and Billie are still working and enjoying it too; Peter in the insurance business and Billie as an elementary school teacher in Richmond, Virginia. In their spare time they hang out with their three grandchildren in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where daughter Elena and husband Mark reside. Peter says “the simple life is the best life”. God, family, country and career, in that order. So simple and so fulfilling! Many of us know that Bonnie Christensen ’73 sadly passed away in January. She was a friend to everyone she met, and a brilliant author and artist. Since this writing, I learned that both Mags Caney Conant and Jason Robards attended Bonnie’s memorial service March 21. Speaking of Mags, her daughter, Molly Conant ‘06, will be getting married this summer and she and Steve Conant ’78 converted a garage into a studio which is amazing. She will have the perfect spot to create artwork when she retires from Burlington High School in June 2015. I took a walk with Joanne Czachor Magliozzi on New Year’s Day (what a great way to start 2015) in Palm Beach and we talked about life, family and memories which was great fun. I also caught up with Doug Wells in Greenwich, Connecticut; we talked about the whereabouts of classmates and the renovations of the former Delta Psi House which will be dedicated as our Alumni House in the winter of 2016. Later in January, I was fortunate to attend the Salman Rushdie lecture at Ira Allen Chapel and sat next to Penny Delaire Pillsbury, who reminded me that she’s happily retired. She is still passionate about literature and Vermont libraries! I also ran into Wendy Reilly Jenkins ‘73 there. Elise Anne Guyette writes that she is retired, with two grown daughters and two published books, “I have been busy creating the Burlington Edible History Tour ( with Gail Rosenberg. We researched the many ethnic groups that built Burlington with a focus on their food businesses and food traditions. Then we found five farm-to-table restaurants to partner with us. We take a leisurely walk along the waterfront and on Church Street learning history and eating five times. It’s been great fun, especially seeing a number of UVM alumni on the tour!” Charlotte Ely MacLeay writes that she is still in Montpelier, travels often, has four wonderful grandkids within a four-hour drive. She is retired and enjoys serving on UVM CNSHS Advisory Board. She writes, “The nursing program has come a long way since ‘71! CNSHS can use your donations. I see Clara and Skip Knapp ‘72 annually at least. Great ski year in Vermont.” Carol Liddiard Hocker shares, “My husband and I have been living on the Big Island of Hawaii for about 16 years, and believe me, I do not miss those New England winters. We grow exotic fruit, purple sweet potatoes, coffee and cacao and we’re perfecting our chocolate making from pod to bar. There’s never a shortage of volunteer tasters. If you find yourself on the Big Island, I’d be glad to give you a little tour and some samples. Bob Lynch shares, Tom McLaughlin passed away on February 24, 2015 from cancer. Tom was an outstanding football player and member of Kappa Sigma.And from another classmate, Mary Shaw Sondgeroth: “We’ve been parenting Zoe who is now 3.6 years old for the past three years. Not having parented earlier in life, it has been an incredible joy and challenge. I guess you could say that my husband, Dan, and I have taken on parenting a toddler in retirement. She will definitely keep us young! All the best to you and please send my love to Liz Mead Foster. Sure wish you guys weren’t so far away.” I think Mary may take the prize for having the youngest child in our class, outpacing Tom Reilly and Jason Robards, whose sons are teenagers now. Finally, my twin grandsons turned five on April 15 which I cannot believe, and I cherish every moment I spend with them. Richard Witte and I will finish our coast-to-coast walk of the U.K. starting May 1. Wish us luck! We begin where we left off and end up on the east coast of England at Robin’s Hood Bay (North Sea) 100+ miles. Stay tuned for more news in the next issue and please send me your updates.
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Sarah Wilbur Sprayregen

72 Patty Quinn Thomas ‘72 G’76 has been a UVM men’s hockey fan since January of 1970. Recently she was interviewed on WCAX about her passion for the men’s teams and a Vermont banner that was given to her in 2005. The interview by Scott Fleischman, Burlington’s Channel 3 Sports, occurred in December at Gutterson when UVM was playing Air Force. You can see the interview at Arnie Fertig is proud to announce the birth of his second grandchild, Aviva Shayla Fertig, to parents Benjamin and Elana Fertig in January, 2015. Sam Simmons Salisbury returned to work in September after a year-long sabbatical from Salisbury School. He writes, “While I was away, I was able to enmesh some serious research under the auspices of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition and traveled extensively: all over North America, the UK, South Africa, and Australia. I facilitated a symposium in Dallas on the state of sports in schools today for a collection of coaches and athletic directors from all over the country. The year off was hardly all work, as I had time to reconnect with old friends in Minneapolis, Burlington, and Philadelphia, and am now back at Salisbury without any administrative responsibilities, teaching three sections of English, and shepherding a Reflective Teaching Initiative for experienced teachers. I don’t know how much longer this teaching thing will last; for now, I love it without the distractions of the Associate Head’s/Director of Studies Offices. Elizabeth (Beth) Allen writes, “Retiring to the magnificent state of Utah has been amazing! The geology and the natural beauty is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. My husband, Craig Blouin, and I feel like we’re on vacation year round. Retirement has allowed us to give time to organizations committed to protecting wilderness areas (Save Our Canyons) and addressing climate change (Citizens’ Climate Lobby). Interestingly enough, the founder of the SLC Citizens’ Climate Lobby is none other than a fellow UVM graduate, Bill Barron ’89. Our son, Nate, moved to Utah six years ago to pursue his passion for skiing the backcountry. He’ll be returning to school this fall at the University of Utah. Christopher Blair BA, BSME ’72 shares that it has been a busy six months. As principal, chief scientist, and tuning conductor for AKUSTIKS, Blair has been involved in the opening of four new performing arts facilities: the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Sala Cecilia Meireles in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Sala Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and the new Ordway Concert Hall in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Responsible for the firm’s approach to room acoustics design, he and his partners are currently working on David Geffen Hall (the replacement for Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.)
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Deborah Layne Mesce

74 Debra Maria Vinci writes, “It is hard to believe that I have been at the University of West Florida for 10 years! I am now associate chair for the Department of Exercise Science and Community Health. This year I received a $197,000 grant to develop a continuing education curriculum for childcare providers to promote physical activity and healthy eating in childcare settings. When I am not busy at work, my husband, Bill Bereki, and I are busy transitioning into our new home and enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches (southern ‘snow’) of the Gulf Coast of Florida.” Cecilia Elwert writes, “I continue to enjoy my now 10 years of very meaningful work with mostly 80- to 90-plus-year-olds of various cognition levels at the Adult Day Center of Elderly Services in Middlebury, Vermont. Hiking continues to be my passion and I’m currently chipping away at the Northeast 115 peaks above 4K-twice. Once in winter and another round the rest of the year. Proud to say I’m a double ADK 46er-winter and regular round. Thinking about hiking the Long Trail end to end again (first time was the fall after graduating UVM) when I eventually cut back at work. In the meantime I’ve set my sites on an adventure outside my comfort zone: a climb of Kilimanjaro this coming August!”
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Emily Schnaper Manders

75 40th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email I know it is hard to believe, but it has been 40 years since we graduated from UVM! October is a great time to do a little leaf peeping and see some old (and I do mean old) faces as we celebrate our Reunion October 2-4, 2015. I received some news from Jane Haslun Schwab who wrote, “As one life comes in, one goes out...we had our first grandchild, Harrison William Haun born October 24, 2014, to our daughter Lindsay and her husband, Paul. They live close by so we are having a ball. It is with sadness that I report that my husband of 37 years, William Schwab, passed away on March 1, 2015, after a three-month battle with pancreatic cancer. It is an insidious cancer with a terrible survival rate, but my girls and my nieces have organized a team for “Willie’s Warriors,” Purple Stride Run for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to be held in New York City, April 11, 2015. They have raised over $10,000 in his name and I’ll be there cheering them on. I have had wonderful support from friends including my Pi Phi sisters-I love you.” John Krowka has opened Kensho Farms, growing fine organic produce in Boonsboro, Maryland. ( John continues his work as a senior microbiologist at the Personal Care Products Council in Washington, D.C., and can be contacted at Susan Frazier Blum will be presenting a workshop in September at the International Fascia Congress, in Reston, Virginia, on “Treatment of children with postural imbalance and associated motor impairments with Total Motion Release, in innovative indirect concept”. She developed the continuing education seminar -Total Motion Release (TMR for Tots) and teaches physical therapists and occupational therapists internationally as well as continuing to treat children in her private practice in York, Pennsylvania. Her husband, Jeff, is now retired, but busy as her office manager and his work with local charities. Gina Rayfield met up with roommates Kathy Bowers Turhune, Carol Wolk Herbert and Birdie Flynn for a mini reunion in Massachusetts. “We had not all been together in one location for many years. Had a blast catching up and facetiming with other UVM friends like Jonny Cruz and Larry Onley. ” They hope to get together again at their 40th in Burlington this year. Gina also celebrated the recent UVM graduations of her daughters Sasha Rayfield Borax ‘12 and Blair Rayfield Borax ‘14 and is proud to be a legacy family. Petter Kongsli writes, after graduation from UVM 1975 and University of Idaho 1978 (Master of Architecture) I have practiced as an architect designing and building homes in and around Oslo, Norway. Our family consists of my wife who is also an architect and five (almost) grown up kids, each working or studying in different fields (acting, architecture, foreign relations, marketing, high school). In order to keep a good health XC-skiing has a high priority for us. We have been participating in ski marathon events (54, 70 and 90 km distances). I miss and think of the many fine people I met in my years at UVM. I hope I will meet some of you again in the reunion of 2015? Susan Spackman Jones is going on 36 years working at DHMC in the ICN. She writes “I have three grown sons two of which are married and four grandchildren. Enjoy traveling to Virginia to visit the grandchildren and see the historic sites. My husband Dewey has been pastoring the same Baptist church in Meriden, New Hampshire for 37 years. David John Alberico has been married to Jane Lavallee Alberico ’73 for 34 years. He says, “I retired from active duty in the USAF at the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1997 with 22 years of service. Recently retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. in April after 18 years of service as an Aerospace Safety & Airworthiness Engineer and Sr. Manager. Looking forward to having more free time for travel, to spend more time with the grandkids, and to visit with family members in Vermont.” Richard Cassidy, of Hoff Curtis in Burlington, was elected to membership in the American Law Institute. Richard Cassidy is a founding member of the Hoff Curtis Law Firm in Burlington, where his practice focuses on personal injury and employment litigation. He was a long time member and chair of the Vermont Board of Bar Examiners, has represented the Vermont Bar Association in the American Bar Association House of Delegates since 1999, and served a three-year term as a member of the ABA Board of Governors. He has represented Vermont as a member of the Uniform Law Commission since he was appointed by Governor Howard Dean in 1994, and currently chairs the ULC Executive Committee. Cassidy and his wife, Becky, reside in South Burlington. Sharon Spaulding Crane says, “I moved abroad with my husband, William Scott Crane, Jr. in April of 1999. We lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia; Keila, Estonia; and most recently, Luxor, Egypt. Because of my parents’ ailing health (my father recently died with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and my mother has vision problems), I relocated back to Burlington, Vermont in late December 2014. In Egypt, I was able to indulge my hobby, Egyptology, and obtained both a certificate and diploma from the online program at the University of Manchester in the U.K. My husband passed away in November of 2010 and I’m a rare American who can claim to have lived through the Egyptian Revolution (2011) and military overthrow of President Morsi (2013). As for myself, my husband, Ted Child ’74, and I have just spent the majority of the winter in Florida. Whitney Watts ’74 and his wife, Lori, live in the same development. We all feel like we are back at college; lots of cocktail parties and fun, a lot of outdoor activities, meeting new people and having to avoid putting on the freshman 10. Our three sons all married within 12 months; Tom Child ‘04 married Lauren Collins ‘06, Peter Child, a St. Lawrence grad, married Sara Talbot ‘05, and Kevin Child, a Williams grad, will marry Sarah Brown, UPenn, in May 2015. Ted calls it a hat trick. Hope to see many of you in October at our Reunion. On May 5, 2015, Gerry Hunt lost a valiant battle with cancer. Gerry was a lead in the original cast of The Contrast, the opening show of the Royall Tyler Theatre in 1974. As a member of the 40th Reunion Alumni Committee last fall, Gerry produced a digitized recording of The Contrast —the only existing tape recording of the era. In recent years, Gerry, and his wife Elaine, established Vermont Students to Africa. For information, visit:
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Dina Dwyer Child

76 After 38 years of fundraising for UVM, St. Lawrence University, and Clarkson University, I have retired. I was fortunate to work for three great institutions and value the many friendships made with alumni and colleagues over the years. Barb and I are looking forward to spending more time at our camp on Trout Lake and will remain in the North Country for the foreseeable future. The 10th anniversary of UVM’s thrilling OT victory over Syracuse prompted Porter Hunt to write how much he has enjoyed seeing the television highlights and then reading the Vermont Quarterly reliving the moments of the day and getting current updates on the stars of the game. Porter and his brother, Gerry Hunt ’75, attended the game as guests of The Hartford for their sales performance with their products. What a game it was!...and they’re still talking about it, even 10 years later. After bouncing around for a few years after college, Porter had a stint in the Army in Bamberg, Germany as the Battalion Signal Officer in a field artillery unit. He met his wife and son there and brought them back to the U.S. in ‘84. He has been an income tax professional in the family business in Newport, Vermont, ever since. His professional career allowed special opportunities including serving as president of Vermont Tax Practitioners Association, a state-wide group of peers, and as a 23-year member of the planning and teaching staff of the UVM Extension System’s Annual Income Tax School. Porter and his wife, Andrea, welcomed their first grandchild Henry Porter Hunt on October 10, 2014. The proud parents are their son, Kurt, and wife, Jenny. Kurt is an Army Captain helicopter pilot. Their older son is a Vermont State Police K-9 trooper. Porter traveled to Alabama for the sixth annual golf trip with UVM Sigma Phi brothers Kurt P. Haigis ’77 and Paul Low, Jr. ’80. In Alabama they are hosted by the most gracious Paul Low, Sr ’55, a Sigma Phi of the previous generation. After a 21-year Navy career and 10 years in government contracting with Blackwater and Atlantic Diving Supply, Phil Hurni ‘82 recently formed his own Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Defense Venture Holdings, providing various products and services to the USG. He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife, Angela, son Jake (starting Virginia Tech this fall), and daughter, Sarah. He writes, “Hello to old Coolidge dorm rats, Kappa Sigs and Rugby Teammates. If you’re ever in the Virginia Beach area get in touch. I’ve got the first round!” Leon Corse writes that he continues to operate the family dairy farm in Whitingham, Vermont. He was recently elected to the Meat Executive Committee (MEC) of Wisconsin based CROPP cooperative. CROPP is the parent company of consumer products brands Organic Prairie (meat) and Organic Valley (dairy). He is the first individual outside of the mid-west to sit on the MEC. I end my column with a heavy heart over the untimely death of Mark Byrne. Mark passed away on March 5, 2015 at St. Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, following a tragic fall. Mark had an accomplished and recognized career spanning 35 years in marketing, sales, business operations and consulting and he was distinguished for his leadership, most recently as president and CEO of IBT, Inc. of Kansas City. Close friend and Sigma Nu fraternity brother Chris Wallace was with Bronto at the end. Sigma Nu brothers Scott Macomber and Tom Wheeler ’77 were joined by Tom Sherrer, Mark’s childhood friend and football teammate at UVM who spoke glowingly at his memorial service of Mark and the impact he had on all of us. Jan D’Angelo said it best “if there was ever anyone who fit the description of ‘prince of a guy’ it was Bronto; great personality, totally selfless and genuine.” A campus memorial service for Mark will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2015 in Billings North Lounge at 1 p.m. James Velvet Wimsatt passed on April 17, 2015 in New York City following heart surgery. James will be fondly remembered for his contributions on and off stage at the Royall Tyler Theatre and the Champlain Shakespeare Festival in mid 70’s.
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Pete Beekman

77 Patricia Boera writes, “Just back from a delightful Easter weekend trip to New York City where I met up with my sister, Donna O’Harren ‘92 and her family. This year marks my 25th as a member of the dynamic career services team at Champlain College. Hello to classmates from 1977 as well as to those I worked with on the Res Life teams in Jeanne Mance and McAuley halls and students who worked on the Ariel.” Ellen Thompson continues to work with educators in her role as director of instruction and information services for the Essex Town School District in Vermont. She also spends much time at her gallery and cafe in Grand Isle, Vermont. Grand Isle Art Works represents 70 Vermont artists including Ellen and her husband, Jim Holzschuh. Ellen works with fiber from their own angora goats and alpacas, while Jim turns wooden items for fiber artists and more. Bill Klipp and his wife, Linda, just finished a three-plus year volunteer photography project to digitize the collections and records of the Matanzas Pharmacy Museum in Cuba. The project was sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Culture and Patrimony and resulted in over 36,000 images. Check out to see photos.
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UVM Alumni Relations

78 Ginger Hinman McEachern writes, “At the time of publication our eldest daughter will have graduated from Lesley University College of Art & Design in May. Our youngest will be a junior at Saint Lawrence University in the fall. I am a full-time artist and an owner of Five Crows Gallery and Hand Crafted Gifts in Natick, Massachusetts. I stay busy with my own art; watercolor painting and mixed media as well as serving on the board of a local business group, the Natick Center Cultural District Board and Public Art Subcommittee. Natick has a very active art scene, never a dull moment!” Nansi Greger-Holt writes, “I’ve been living in North Carolina since 1978, so now it’s home, but we love visiting Vermont. We have become diehard Tarheels and are grieving the end of basketball season (especially because our arch rivals won the NCAA tourney). I work as a nurse practitioner, live with my husband of 33 years. Both daughters have left the nest, are gainfully employed and happy, visit often and we have grand dogs. I travel, quilt, hike and love life. Come on class of ‘78, let’s hear what the rest of you are doing. If you’re ever in Chapel Hill look me up!” Marjorie Cohen writes, “The years fly by so fast. So many friends come and go in our lives. I often wonder where people are, how they are doing. Too many to list. Fortunately Facebook helps reconnect. My two best friends from college are still in touch: Libby Carney Manahan and Sue Spies. I live in Colorado but I miss New England and especially Vermont. Still skiing, working with military and families providing short-term solution-focused counseling.”
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UVM Alumni Relations

79 Liz Millard shares, “In July 2014 several physical therapy classmates from 1979 enjoyed a fun weekend together at the Lake Conesus, New York, home of Sandy Meyers Wilcox. It was the perfect setting for stand up paddle boarding competitions, boat rides, several Finger Lake winery tours, a concert on the lake and a lot of laughing and catching up. Along with Sandy, the group included Jennifer Yonkers Lind (Virginia Beach, Virginia), Lisa Fernandez (Boise, Idaho), Liz Maccini Millard (McLean, Virginia), Mary Tautkus Winslow (Newberry, New Hampshire), Paula Jenkins LaRose (Milton, Vermont) and Linda Potash Marchese (Oakland, New Jersey). We are planning our 2015 reunion this August at Jenny’s home in the Virginia Beach area. We would love to hear how all our classmates are doing.” After retiring last year, Nancy Orben Small is moving, with her husband, Roger, to the banks of the beautiful Delaware River in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, where they love to entertain family and friends! She writes, “With two daughters, Alexandra Small ‘05 and Meghan Small MD’12, getting married this summer, it’s been nothing short of busy this spring. After sneaking in some water skiing this summer, we plan to hit the road in the fall to explore more of our amazing National Parks.” Deborah Richinwrites, “This past year has been full of transitions and exciting life changes. I moved my financial planning practice after 15 years to UBS Financial Services, and just passed the one-year mark. If you ever feel like things are in a rut, shaking up your world and business will certainly add a spark. My daughter got engaged during the holidays so this year has been a whirlwind of wedding planning, and the big event is not until next year. I would welcome reconnecting with fellow classmates on LinkedIn, the 21st-century version of a virtual campus. Life takes us all in different directions but the fun times we shared at UVM, always come along for the journey.”
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Beth Gamache

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80 35th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Ken Heideman tells us, “I have been director of publications at the American Meteorological Society in Boston for 17 years. It is a dream job for me in a career that started as a geography major at UVM under the guidance of Dr. Charles Ryerson. Thank you, Chuck!” Ed Gallagher writes, “I will be participating in the Pan Mass Challenge this coming August for the 16th-straight year. I usually see my fraternity brother Matt Dustin out there on the road or by the beer tent. I have a corporate team, Convergex Cyclers, which partners with a young girl who was treated successfully at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. We always have room on our team.”
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81 Mark W. Knight writes: “I retired from The Vanguard Group’s Asset Management Services on June 30, 2014 (and received a beautiful, engraved, Simon Pearce bowl). Health issues from a spinal cord injury sustained body-surfing in California in 1987 finally took their toll and my doctors and I decided it was time to leave the stress of work behind. I am now volunteering for PennEnvironment and am a Peer Mentor at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I also work on my still photography skills and won a blue ribbon in the still life category at The Sandwich Town Fair in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, this year!” Karen Kaplan writes, “Hi all! I’ve done my double major in English and mass communications proud. I’m an editor at the science journal Nature, specifically of the Careers section, where I commission and edit articles about federal science policy across all nations, non-academic career options for young researchers, and life at the bench and beyond. My office is in D.C. and the company is based in London, so I travel there a couple times a year—great fun! Hope to make it to a reunion one of these days! William (Bill) Hawkey was installed this past September as the 23rd headmaster at The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey. Pennington School is an independent 6-12th grade day/boarding school. Bill’s two sons, Billy and Steven, are both graduates of Pennington and daughter, Ellie is in the 7th grade at the school. Kathleen (Kathy) Perry Hall reports, “I am still enjoying my chosen field of physical therapy after 34 years of practice! I recently changed jobs and I am employed at The Alpine Clinic in Franconia, New Hampshire. The clinic is associated with the U.S. ski jumping team. I am working with some top-notch orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. I had a great mini reunion with fellow UVM alums Anne Scotti and Maureen Corey Gibeault. We enjoyed reminiscing about our time at UVM. Next year is our 35th reunion and we decided that it would be great to get together with our classmates!” Steve Morse is alive and well in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. He has three kids in high school (two boys and youngest is a girl) and works as a relationship sales manager for BB&T Mortgage Correspondent Lending. He says, “Classmates: Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn (I’m not on Facebook) or at—especially if you are in the Southeast!” Linda Johnson Norris writes, “I got to ski with famous old UVM alumni and ski team members from the late 70’s and early ‘80s! The UVM gal pals had a mini-reunion at Stowe on March 31 and the spring skiing was fabulous! Gail Lebaron ’79 (of Vermont and California), Sheila Whalen Cook ’79 (Pennsylvania) and Hilary Engisch-Klein ’79 (Vermont and Ottawa) joined me, their former soccer teammate, for a great two days of ski, sun, spa and laughter. Sheila brought the expensive wine and a great time was had by all while Gail toured us around the beautiful Stowe Mountain Lodge and spa where she works. Hilary just completed her Stowe, Vermont Kids on Top ski program for children cancer survivors so the venue made for a great celebration of good health and outdoor fun for all! We missed you Clev, Grace, Phantom, Alice and all—book your 2016 calendar now!
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82 John Bartlett says, “Been living in Southern California now for 20 years with wife Cynthia and three boys: Cameron, Jackson, and Dylan. Still proud to be a UVMer living on the West Coast. However, as a former player I remain curious about why varsity baseball has not been reinstated at UVM. Jim Carter G’80 has done a great job with the club team and agrees that we should “bring it back.” Bill Currier is doing well as head baseball coach at Fairfield but he would be even better as returning coach of the varsity Cats. Please join me in logging on to the Friends of UVM Baseball site and voicing your opinion or donating to the cause. Baseball, apple pie, and UVM. Nice combination, don’t you think? Go Cats Go!” [Editor’s Note: Eliminating a varsity sport, particularly one with the roots and tradition of UVM baseball, is never an easy decision. The UVM administration has reviewed the financial resources needed to return baseball to varsity status. It would be a steep challenge, requiring $20 million in a permanent endowment. As John has shared, the athletes and Coach Jim Carter are proudly representing the university at a club level, and UVM applauds their success on the diamond.] Bret Kernoff published two books in April of 2015. As a consulting special educator and a board certified behavior analyst, Bret published one text called A Teacher’s Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis designed for teachers facing maladaptive behaviors. The other text is called The Path to Passing the BACB Exams for BCBA and BCaBa. This technical journal is designed to help applicants pass the certification exam to become a behavior analyst. These books were edited continuously by Diana Paul Kernoff ‘84. Bret can be found on the web at behavior Sas Carey directs the non-profit Nomadicare, which supports the sustainability and cultural survival of nomadic peoples by harmonizing traditional and modern medicine and documenting nomadic lifeways, lore and heart songs. For 21 years, she has been traveling to Mongolia working with nomads and has written a book about it, Reindeer Herders in My Heart (2012) and made three feature documentary films, “Gobi Women’s Song”(2005), “Ceremony”(2015), and “Migration” (2015). She gives presentations and travels with her book and films. Her most recent presentation was for the 100-year-old Explorers’ Club in New York City. Karen Partridge Earley shares that Lisa Fite DeYoung hosted her for a visit at her home in beautiful Salida, Colorado. They spent three action-packed days enjoying the mountains and desert and catching up while snowshoeing, skiing and climbing 700-foot sand dunes (at Great Sand Dunes National Park). Lisa, a.k.a. the mountain mermaid, is a creative, independent spirit whose motto in life is create, play, thrive. You can find her online home at Amy Beth Perkins Moore writes, “I continue to reside in Yorktown, Virginia. I spend quite a bit of time traveling to visit my children, Meghan (age 23) and Sean (age 20), family and friends as well as for various organizations where I volunteer. For a family and friend dinner of 12 in Big Sky Montana in March, seven of us at the gathering were UVMers. My big brother Dave Perkins ‘78, Carmen Thomas McSpadden ‘81, Doug McSpadden ‘81, Dave’s children Polly Perkins ‘09, James Perkins ‘11 and Polly’s boyfriend, Ryan Crocker, PhD candidate for 2015. Carmen and I were UVM field hockey teammates and had not seen each other in 32 years. The years melted away. It was absolutely amazing to be able to catch up in person. We won’t let it be 32 years before we link up again as we want to continue to be able to swoosh down the slopes together. We all had a blast! A picture of the seven UVMers sporting Catamount attire was sent to the UVM alumni online photo gallery.
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83 The Khabele School in Austin, Texas, is excited to announce that after an extensive national and international search, Ted Graf has been named its next head of school, effective July 1, 2015. Graf is a career-long independent school student, teacher, and leader, who holds degrees from the University of Vermont, Brown University, and the School for International Training. Graf will lead this model independent school into a new era of the school’s student-centered, globally minded learning community, serving students from early childhood through 12th grade across three campuses. Citizens Financial Group, Inc. today announced the appointment of Donald H. McCree as vice chairman and head of commercial banking. He will serve on the company’s executive committee and report to chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun. McCree will join Citizens effective September 1, 2015. McCree comes to Citizens having served in a number of senior leadership positions over the course of 31 years at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its predecessor companies. He has extensive experience in commercial banking gained through positions at JPMorgan including head of Corporate Banking and CEO of Global Treasury Services, head of Global Credit Markets, North American co-head of Fixed Income, European co-head of Investment Banking and head of European and Asian Syndicated Finance. He also served as head of Wholesale Risk Management and head of Treasury and Corporate Development. He retired from JPMorgan in mid-2014. Al Jackson writes, “Last fall my son, Evan ‘18, began his freshman year at UVM. When we moved him into his dorm room on Redstone, it brought back such good memories of my days living there. While much has changed at UVM since my day, it was nice to see that some things remain the same.” Blair MacKenzie Van Brunt writes, “I am still living in Sherborn, Massachusetts, for the last 20 years and see so many wonderful UVM friends over all these years. Inspired by our daughter who has a rare disease, I’ve recently started a communications consulting business called Rare Disease Perspectives LLC which works with companies in the pharma and biotech space to create, strengthen or refine communications with the patient populations that they serve.”
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84 Liz Moore Axelson writes, “I love living in the Hudson Valley of New York with Rusty Boris. We enjoy snowshoeing and hiking nearby; day trips to the Catskills; New York City or so many other places in the Kingston-New Paltz area. We love visiting my son, Ben, and daughter-in-law, June, in Syracuse; and family in the Burlington, Vermont, area. I’m a senior planner at Morris Associates Engineering.” Barbara Emond and her fiancee, Osama Alshaykh, moved to Newton, Massachusetts, last year, and successfully launched, a media collaboration service to strengthen medical teams. Tabeeb recently partnered with NanoHealth, winner of the 2014 Hult Prize, Clinton Health Initiative, to provide care to the urban poor in India.
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8530th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Brian Sanderson had a chance to spend some time with Patrick Sharp ’04 recently at the Keith Relief Fundraiser in Chicago. Brian says he couldn’t have been nicer in meeting and talking with a fellow Catamount. Craig Mabie writes, “During the last year I wrote and published a book, Freedom from My Self - Moving Beyond the Voice in My Head. It documents my personal experiences: childhood bullying, growing up and coming out as a gay man, attempted suicide, dealing with a chronic disease and loss of voice. The book has significant references to my time at UVM. I have continued close ties with the university—see photo at In this photo, taken this past September on the rim of the Grand Canyon, I am second from the left. The other good friends are fellow 1985 UVM grads. We had just completed a multiday backpacking trip through the canyon. The book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.” Sue Koehler-Arsenault moved to Rockport, Massachusetts, in November 2014 with her husband, to open the Art of David Arsenault gallery ( Sue is looking forward to connecting with UVM alumni in the Boston area where she is busy working as an interfaith minister ( She is also on the faculty of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, where she teaches seminars and workshops on the spiritual care of the dying. Penni Pomeroy writes, “Can’t believe our 30-year Reunion is upon us. I’m looking forward to attending. The empty nest is fast approaching as our daughters will both be in college in the fall. I’m happy to say that one attends UVM and the other will also be in New England.”
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86David Nadel writes, “I am, and have been for the past eight years, assistant general counsel at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York City.” Linda Frawley Lorrey writes, “Hard to believe that almost 30 years have passed since my UVM days! By the time this is published my husband John and I will have lived 25-plus years in the southern coast of Maine; will soon be celebrating our 25th anniversary; we’ll have one daughter in her senior year at Bowdoin College; one daughter in her sophomore year at MIT and our youngest daughter narrowing down her college choices as a high school junior—where did the years go?! With so much of our time spent on colleges in recent years it really brings back great memories of my time at UVM...I hope my daughters will think back on their college years as fondly as I do!” Thornton Tomasetti, the international engineering firm, announces that Gunnar Hubbard, a principal and the firm’s sustainability practice leader, has been elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). He will be honored during the Investiture of Fellow Ceremony at the 2015 AIA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in May. Hubbard has more than 25 years of experience as an architect, consultant, educator and advocate for projects throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He has played a key sustainability role on a wide variety of projects including CityCenter Las Vegas, an $8.4 billion mixed-use complex; the green certification for 12 million square-feet of existing real estate in Sweden; and a net zero energy LEED Platinum education center in Maine.
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87Kathleen Collins Woodward writes, “Enjoying life in Hanson, Massachusetts, with my husband, Tim, of 20 years and our four children (Caroline 17, Kristina, 15, Courtney, 13, Timothy Jr (TJ), 11)! Looking forward to college tours with our oldest!”
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88 Public Health Service Captain Sara B. Newman has been selected as the director of the National Park Service Office of Public Health. Newman will lead the National Park Service’s public health efforts and serve as the principal advisor to the director for public health programs that affect 300 million visitors a year. Newman will also serve as the commanding officer for the public health operating division, administratively managing 48 officers detailed to offices and bureaus in the Department of Interior. She has worked with the National Park Service for the last eight years, developing the public risk management program and providing policy, guidance, and technical support to parks undertaking a range of visitor injury prevention initiatives. Matthew Natt reports that he and Steven Wolf ’87, Dan Krason, Tom Bell ’89, Mike Wolfson ’89 and Monk Higgins had a mini-reunion heli skiing in the Canadian Rockies in March 2015. Seventy thousand vertical feet was skied and Team Vermont acquitted themselves well in all regards. Michael Dwyer writes “Our business, Association Headquarters, a professional-services firm in suburban Philadelphia that specializes in helping non-profit organizations achieve their mission, create value, and advance their causes, industries, and professions, continues to grow and expand service offerings. We just recently rebranded, creating four main divisions within AH—a full-service association management company (AMC); a marketing and communications agency; a meetings and events management team; and a division that focuses on other custom solutions, and the response has been tremendous. My wife, Penny Dwyer ‘87 (the former Margaret Briggs Swallow) and I have three great kids, Chandler, is on a full Navy ROTC scholarship at Boston University studying mechanical engineering; Owen is a freshman in high school and UVM is on his radar (he loves lacrosse); and Madeline, 13, is in 7th grade. Soccer is her sport but she also runs track. We often get up to South Burlington to visit with our best friends and fellow UVMers, Kim Morin Steinfeld (from Jericho, Vermont) and Gene Steinfeld.” Wendy Webster Farrell writes, “I took an Arizona vacation with my husband, Skip. We visited all ten major league spring training parks and saw all 15 teams that train in the Phoenix area. While attending a Colorado Rockies spring training game I spot a guy wearing a UVM baseball cap. I yell, ‘Hey UVM’, he turns and we start chatting. Small world. It was Dave Clavelle ‘73—his younger brother went to Rice High School with my husband! We had a nice visit and promised to get together for dinner on a future visit to Arizona.” David Charles Merritt retired on disability in 2000. He writes, “Attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Mocksville, North Carolina. Got married last summer (July 12, 2014) to Petra. Enjoy living in a warm climate and love watching UVM sports online. Went to the Vermont vs. Duke basketball game... Oh, what a game it was! Saving for a new wheelchair van, they cost $70,000, wow!” Alan Ryan, Tim Murray, Chris Skidmore, Bill Sevigny, Chris Donovan, Mitch Blazer and Tom Dettre met for their annual camping, fishing, golf, wiffleball, darts, bocce ball and cribbage derby at Grand Isle State Park. The photo is posted on the Alumni Association’s website photo gallery.
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89 William Hunt, was recently awarded a prescribing psychologist license (conditional) In New Mexico. A first for a University of Vermont clinical psychology graduate. Dr. Hunt is the only African American prescribing psychologist in the U.S. Rob Miller and his wife Karyn Bovia Miller recently moved back to Vermont with their two daughters, Ella and Olivia. Rob is now the president and CEO of the Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU) based in Montpelier, Vermont. Marren (Mary) Sanders writes, “I am now associate professor of law and associate dean of research and scholarship at Arizona Summit Law School. Leanne Prevo Rodd writes, “I joined FlexProfessionals in March and am launching the Boston metro area. We’re a niche staffing and recruiting firm that connects small-and medium-size growing businesses with part-time, experienced professionals. Many people in our talent pool are parents re-entering the workforce, semi-retirees, or people wanting to scale back. I love helping people find meaningful work while having flexibility and balance at the same time!” Julie Homza ‘88 and Tooper Homza are still in Alaska after 25 years! They write, “We get back east occasionally and see many UVMers like Dave and Holly Cummings, Will and >Mare Friend, Dave and Sue Adams, and Ally and Pat Stoops. Go Cats! Go Phish!” Deirdre Tozer-Hayes and wife Fiona Tozer-Hayes are pleased to announce the arrival of their twin girls on February 13, 2015. Cole Ann-Marie weighing 6 lbs., 13.5 oz. and Seeley Catherine weighing 6 lbs., 14 oz. The girls were born in Sunderland General Hospital, England, where Deirdre works for the Newcastle Eagles professional basketball team’s charity. Pamela “Hoov” Eldridge Lucci writes, “Our son, Aaron, was recruited by the UVM XC and track coaches and is completing his freshmen year. He is double majoring in environmental science and music and loves it.” Mindy Goldman, Laurie Marston, Kathy Grunes, and Stephanie Oseicki attended their 25th Medical School Reunion last year and put a photo on the Alumni Association’s website photo gallery. Maureen Kelly Gonsalves reports, Dr. Christopher J. Fleury was named president and CEO of InterMedia, a global non-profit research and consulting firm. InterMedia is based in Washington, London, and Nairobi. Congratulations to Chris on a great achievement. Tommy O’Hara’s son is finishing up his first year at UVM. He writes, “It was strange to be back at UVM in the fall for Reunion weekend and parents weekend.” Kim Slomin McGarvey is a child development specialist who recently opened UWS Parenting Support in New York City. She and her colleagues offer parenting support in groups and family consultations to parents and children up to age 10. Check out her company at Stefanie Conroy Wallach trekked for three weeks in the Nepal Khumbu Valley. Her small group stayed in tea houses and met many wonderful Nepali people along the way. After making Everest Base Camp and learning some basic mountaineering skills, they summited Island Peak at elevation 20,305 feet. The celebration in Kathmandu afterwards included many beers and a large steak dinner.
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90 25th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Jim Kobal writes, “Here in Atlanta, been working on getting alumni together.” Dan Beaupre lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with his wife Amy and two children, Nick (13) and Louisa (11). Dan is vice president of experiences at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. Robert Rosen writes, “Life is good in Seattle. Jessica and I had our third child, Sloane Gibson Rosen, last fall. She along with older brothers Reece (age 8) and Lang (age 4) keep us on our toes! I am now the head of the Philanthropic Partnership Team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is truly a dream job.”
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Tessa Donohoe Fontaine

91 Kara Cohen writes, “This May is my 12-year anniversary of serving as the community outreach director for AARP Massachusetts, the state office for AARP. My wife and I reside in Massachusetts with our twin boys who will be 7 this September. We are brainwashing them early about UVM!” Jeffrey Wick writes, “Time flies since my last update perhaps 13 or so years ago. Married Elzy Sklar ’95; moved from New York City back to Burlington; have three boys (ages 11, 9 and 6); been practicing law, coaching youth sports, learning to play the piano, enjoying volunteer service on city boards and commissions, and generally enjoying life. We’ve been blessed with good health and a great place to live... and it was a great year to ski Vermont.” Joanne Kaplan Tuckman, Karen Moseson Phillips and Brian Acrish went to the Neil Diamond Concert at Barclays Arena Brooklyn on March 26, 2015. A photo is posted on the Alumni Association’s website photo gallery. Jennifer Marra Cronin died April 5, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Jen was the captain of her women’s basketball team. Following graduation, Jen was employed by American Cancer Society in New York City and then Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Georgia. She is survived by her husband, Jay Cronin, daughter Madelynn, 13, and son Jack, 10 all of Atlanta and her parents Suzanne and Richard Marra of Port Washington, New York.
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Karen Heller Lightman

92 Adam McCarthy shares, “I am president of McNamara Salvia Structural Engineers in Boston. We also have offices in Miami and New York City and I am having a lot of fun designing the structures for several exciting buildings. I recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife, Liz, and our three fantastic children. Philip (14), Anthony (12) and Mariana (7)) are growing like weeds. Hope all is well.” Bob Piper shares, “After nine years at Microsoft I have left to help launch a startup company in the Healthcare space: MPIRICA scores hospitals nationwide on their surgeries, based on the historical outcomes they have achieved. We incorporated in April 2014, launched our public service ( in January 2015 and received our Series A funding in April 2015. Please take a look at the product and give us feedback via the link on the site, and please look me up the next time you are in the Pacific Northwest.”
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Lisa Kanter

93 Gwen Parker tells us, “When I’m not being instructed on the finer points of wrestling, video games, and animal trivia by my boys (ages 3 and 8), I have the privilege of teaching classes in environmental law and land use regulation at Wake Forest University School of Law.” Jessica Atkins Hernandez, her husband, Jose Hernandez, and big brother Grant welcomed Spencer Nolan Hernandez on July 2, 2014. In March of this year, the family moved back to Bethesda, Maryland, after almost three years in New York City. Jessica continues to work at Morrison Foerster LLP as the attorney development manager for the firm’s East Coast and European offices. Jessica looks forward to reconnecting with D.C.-area alums!
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Gretchen Haffermehl Brainard

94Jackie Levin writes, “Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. My nursing career and life have taken me to the grandest places, internally and externally. My work now is as a holistic nurse coach, mindfulness teacher and the patient advocate at our local critical care hospital. Please check out my website: My focus is to transform health care into truly being a place where everyone heals—nurses, doctors as well as the people we are in service to. Would love to hear from you and what you are up to!”
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Cyndi Bohlin Abbott

95 20th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email are in the works for our 20-year reunion! Hope you are all making plans to be in Burlington October 2-4. My daughter and I headed to Mexico in April with Peter Keith, Holly Keith ’96, Kelli Shonter and Chris Ford and all of their kids, to re-live college spring break with this crew (who remembers Key West 1995?), except with a much earlier bedtime. Kelli Shonter, the development director of the King Street Center in Burlington, was instrumental in raising $5.1 million for a new building that nearly doubled the size of the old facility. Please congratulate her when you see her this October! John Gorman and his wife Andreana (Andi) Lemmon and their dog are moving to Putney, Vermont. They are super excited for their 20th Reunion in October and can’t wait to see everyone! Todd Schneider shares, “I’ve been in Los Angeles since 1998 working as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. Married to Debra Lewin’90 and have two children. Loving the warm weather and our trips to Mammoth Mountain to visit the snow. Have not run across too many UVM grads out here. I’d be psyched to run into some.”
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Valeri Susan Pappas

96 Ben Stigler writes, I am excited to share that I was recently appointed captain of the Lawton Park Realtors softball team in Seattle for the 2015 season.
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Michelle Richards Peters

97James Sulikyan Curtis tells us, “A year ago, my family relocated from Westborough, Massachusetts, to Livermore, California, where I am now the director of shortage control for Ross Dress for Less.
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Elizabeth Carstensen Genung

98 I recently joined the law firm Venable LLP, where I counsel employers on labor and employment law and human resources issues. I’m still living in Brooklyn and always looking to catch up with alums for updates in this notes section!
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Ben Stockman

99 Zachary J. Cohen, esquire, partner at Lesavoy Butz & Seitz LLC, was recently elected president of the Bar Association of Lehigh County at the association’s annual meeting. Zac, a litigator, focuses primarily on business, real estate, and banking disputes. He’s also successfully handled numerous tax appeals, zoning matters, emergency injunctions, employment cases, and bankruptcy and estate litigation. Zac was selected for inclusion in the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, a distinction reserved for no more than 2.5% of attorneys in Pennsylvania. In 2011, he also was named Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal’s Top “20 Under 40” people in business. Dr. Amber (Fisher) Rich successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at UVM, and is now a double UVM alumna. Audrey Learned and her long-time boyfriend Keith, welcomed a baby girl with so much love into their lives on December 31. Emily Elizabeth is already wearing her UVM gear proudly! Kate O’Leary shares, “I had my second child in May 2013, daughter Brenna who joins older brother Rowen (4). I completed my doctorate in higher education administration at Northeastern in September 2014.”
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Sarah Pitlak Tiber

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00 15th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Hinman Straub, PC, Principal Janet Silver was elected president of the Albany County Bar Association, becoming the youngest woman to preside over the association in its 115-year history. Silver has been an active member of the Albany County Bar Association for 12 years, holding positions such as chairwoman of the Public Policy Committee, co-chair of the Young Lawyers Committee as well as the Continuing Legal Education Committee. She is a delegate to the New York State Bar Association. Among Silver’s priorities is to attract young attorneys to the association, just as she was pressed into service when her career began.
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UVM Alumni Relations

01I am very excited to share that Erica MacConnell and her husband, Chris Vessey, welcomed a baby boy named Calvin Mac Vessey in March. There is no doubt that he will be an incredible, and competitive, athlete. In roughly 18 years we hope to see him on the UVM ski team. Congrats Erica and Chris! In the world of Facebook I have seen some great reviews for Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill in Los Angeles, started by our very own Ian Hopper and his brother. Those living in the area or traveling through, be sure to stop by and support! Scott Dershowitz writes, “My wife Josie Freeman ‘02 and I recently welcomed our second daughter, and we’ve been living in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, since 2011. I recently opened a private geriatric care management practice-” Brooke White writes, “Much of my time at UVM was spent volunteering, serving as the director of VIA and focusing on bringing service into my academic experience. Now I am in the process of fundraising for a very important cause and hope there might be a way to involve the UVM community. This fall my five-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and all of his care has been at Boston Children’s Hospital. I will be running the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon to raise funds for the hospital. View my fundraising page on” Scott Goodwin reports, “In February, my wife Meagan Goodwin ‘11 and I celebrated the first birthday of our third son, Patrick Richard. I have been employed as a senior business analyst and implementation engineer with Aurora North Software since January of 2014, and continue to live in South Burlington with my wife, daughter Ellie (6), and sons Seamus (2) and Patrick.” Laura Killian Ryser writes, “After working at the University of Vermont for a few years, I am now faculty at Washington State University Extension and am thrilled to be living in the Puget Sound region with my husband and two-year-old daughter.” In other news, I am now back in Boston after a wonderful year and a half living in Europe for work. I am continuing to work for Bose Corporation. That is all we have this month, please reach out and let us know what you are up to for the next issue!
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Erin Wilson

02 Sueann Hansen Snodgrass writes, “I am excited to announce that I have opened my own career coaching/consulting business, called Collaborative Career Coaching. I decided to launch my business because I love helping others with all things career related...coaching, advice, job hunting, crafting resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, salary negotiation, interview prep, etc.! You can learn more about Collaborative Career Coaching at Reach me at Collaborative Career Coaching at: or 732-372-7801. Thanks for your support!” Richard Mark Merrill graduated from the West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, West Virginia, and is currently a fellow in pulmonary intensive care at the Leahy Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts.
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Jennifer Khouri

03 Gabrielle Salerno Hart shares, “My husband, Jay, and I welcomed our first baby, a little girl named Osselyn Elizabeth, on August 1, 2014. Sorry this birth announcement is coming so late; she has been keeping us quite busy since her arrival.” Christian Amport and his wife, Stephanie, welcomed a baby daughter, Josephine Rose (Josie), on February 22. Christian’s brewery in East Haven, Connecticut, Overshores Brewing, also celebrated its first anniversary of opening May 1. Jon Kantor and Wendy Kantor are proud to announce the birth of a baby girl, Ellie Rose. She was born on March 10, 2015 in Arlington, Virginia, and weighed 8 lb., 11 oz. Samuel (2) is excited to be a big brother! We are mourning the loss of Thomas “Tommy” Mazza who left us too soon in New York City on April 2, 2015. Tommy was brilliant, with an amazing sense of humor and strong faith that led him to always help others. Gregarious, he had a personality that would fill up the room. Tommy was a great friend, one of the best people I’ve known, and is missed dearly. Ian McLaughlin writes, “I have been teaching environmental education informally for almost 10 years at the Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum where I am the resident naturalist. I love my job, and I think back to everything I learned at UVM. It really set me up with a solid core of beliefs that still resonate today. UVM turns out some of the most ambitious, innovative, and caring people the world has to offer. Normal and boring are not in our DNA. We were geeks before it was cool. I don’t know if the world needs more Sheldon Coopers but we do need humor.”
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Korinne Moore

04 Sarah Glawe Casanovas and her husband, Joe, had their first child, Eliza Margaret, at the end of January. Billy Allen writes, “After 10 years at Burton Snowboards, spending the last five as the brand manager, Schuyler (Hoyt) Allen, our two-year-old son, Liam, and I have moved to the Seacoast, New Hampshire area, where I will assume a role as senior global brand manager at Timberland.” Nancy Morin Sunderland celebrates her one year anniversary of launching her luxury woven baby carrier business, Poe Wovens. Celebrities such as Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, and Olivia Wilde own a Poe! Chic. Connected. Carried. Can be found online at
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Kelly Kisiday

05 10th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email Daniel Anderson was recently promoted to program manager and will be married in July 2015.
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Kristin Dobbs

06 Will Alexander writes, “My fourth novel, a science fictional immigration story and the sequel to last year’s Ambassador, will be coming out in September. I also teach for the Vermont College program in writing for children, and I’ll be moving back to Vermont this summer.” Andrea Patrikis andEvan Vana ‘05 married on September 20 in Evan’s home town of Derby, Vermont. Alumni Betsy Benton, Bud Vana, Bryant Hazelton ‘05, Brendan Hare ‘05 and Ryan Ward ‘05 were members of the wedding party. Andrea and Evan were excited to share their day with many other UVM alumni in attendance. Jessica Kowalewski married Ryan Dietrich in September 2014. Other UVM alumni in attendance included Allie Padin, Katie Carl Lucas, Adam Lucas ‘05, Kevin Bell ‘09, and Sean Connors ‘00.
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Elizabeth Bitterman

08 Lauren Tucker writes, “Approaching the completion of a dual master’s in architecture and urban planning from the University of Michigan, and still missing the Green Mountains. Looking forward to the wedding of fellow Catamount Alexis Langer ‘07 and a reunion with Harper B. Reitkopf ‘07, friends from the third floor of Wing dormitory. Hope to visit Vermont soon.” Nick Carter, is managing director of Bernie Sanders for Senate and Progressive Voters of America, campaign office of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. He took the position after three years as public affairs coordinator and lobbyist for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Nick thanks the Integrated Social Sciences Program, particularly professors Glenn Elder and Ross Thomson, and Professor Tony Gierzynski as major influences. Weston LaBar says, “2014 was a landmark year for me. I celebrated the one year anniversary of the founding of my company, PEAR Strategies, was named as a Workforce Development Commissioner in the City of Long Beach, became the chairman of the United Cambodian Community Board the largest Cambodian organization in the nation, was named executive director of the Harbor Trucking Association, and was named to the Executive Committee for the Arts Council for Long Beach.” Eric Hubbell writes, “Hey fellow alumni! I’ve been working on a mobile startup in Denver for the last year and a half and we just launched Myhub on the App Store. Myhub is a fast, easy way to plan group activities and pool cash with friends. It’s perfect for vacations, festivals, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more! I’d love for you to test the platform and hear from you anytime. Feel free to reach me at Go Cats!”
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Elizabeth Bearese

Emma Grady

09 Shelburne Museum welcomes Liza Smith-Vedder as a development officer overseeing membership and sponsorship programs. Vedder comes to Shelburne Museum from the Burlington Free Press, where she worked as an ad sales executive. She received a bachelor’s in media arts with a photography and art history concentration from Purchase College, and graduated with a master’s in historic preservation from the University of Vermont. During her final year at UVM, she was the Municipal Art Society of New York’s Everett Public Policy Fellow. Prior to her time with Gannett Co., Smith-Vedder worked in the real estate development and preservation industries with positions at Blochworks, the Hartland Group, the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and the Burlington Community Land Trust. Eli Zink ’11 married Jordan Anne Thorson in October, 2014 at Lake Mohawk in New Jersey. They met while working on the famous Cynic newspaper. Alumni in the bridal party and guests included; Kelly White, Jordan’s Mercy Hall roommate in addition to; Jennifer Mullin, Seth Corthell, Tyler Horan ‘11, Abby Parsons Horan (another UVM Mr. & Mrs.,) Kyle Luetkehans ‘11, Juan Peralta ‘12, Connor O’Brien ‘11, Patrick Alonis ‘11 and Lauren Butkus ‘12. Since graduating the couple has worked in the film/television industry in New York and Los Angeles. Eli will begin graduate studies in D.C. this fall. The couple will reside in Alexandria, Virginia. On March 1, David Volain G’14 proposed to Claire Crisman ‘14 in a snowy scene on a trail along the Huntington River. Lucky for him, she said, “yes.” The two are set to be married in July of 2016. Helen Weaver moved to Denver, Colorado, in July and is teaching kindergarten at Graland Country Day School. Ellen Stanley is immensely enjoying teaching first grade at The American School of Kinshasa in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Erica Bruno, after five years with Toyota Motor Sales USA, has accepted the position of fixed operations manager for Nissan USA covering Vermont and New Hampshire. She is also one of six fixed operation managers that is on a national committee working on new innovation for Nissan with a top U.S. software company.
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10 5th Reunion October 2–4, 2015 
If you are interested in planning your upcoming reunion, email In 2014, New York City based photographer and activist, Louise Rita Contino, partnered with Spark MicroGrants, an international social impact non-profit founded by another 2010 alum, Sasha Fisher to develop an in-depth documentary story about the people directly impacted by Spark MicroGrants in East Africa. Louise created Picturing Wanteete, a participatory photography project designed to promote self-advocacy and strengthen community cohesion. Louise traveled to Uganda and collaborated with community members from Wanteete, the first village in Uganda to participate in a Spark MicroGrants project. Louise distributed 35mm cameras to seventeen participants and engaged them in three months of intensive photographic training. The Wanteete Photo Collective (WPC) worked steadfastly to develop an in-depth story about the community’s daily lives told through their own eyes via black and white film. Picturing Wanteete exemplifies the impact that Spark MicroGrants makes in East African communities. Both the process and product of this project reflect the transformative nature of the Spark Process. Through participation in this creative project community members built their own capacity as storytellers and chose how they wanted to represent themselves to an international audience. Their images reflect a community that is civically engaged, cohesive, and confident. Louise and Spark co-hosted an exhibition in April to showcase selected works from the Wanteete Photo Collective at the Brian Morris Gallery in New York City. Picturing Wanteete, serves as an opportunity to gain a firsthand, in-depth perspective about the people directly impacted by Spark MicroGrants. Spark also hosted a series of round-table discussions and forums in the gallery to educate and engage the public in an open dialogue about the Spark model and community-driven development. Follow us on social media: Nolan Hurley writes, “After completing my master’s in physician assistant studies I will be starting a position as an orthopedic physician assistant at Northwestern Medical Center in Saint Albans. I continue to help out with local ambulance services as well!” Taylor Bergeron shares, “I got married June 8, 2013 to my amazing wife, Emily. We recently moved back to Vermont after living in Massachusetts for a couple years. We are waiting to move into our new home that is being built in Essex. I am currently working as a financial analyst with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee in Waterbury. Looking forward to planting our roots here in Vermont! There is no better place to live.” Aaron Lopez-Barrantes writes, “I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, after graduating where I have been playing full time as a singer/songwriter/guitarist in the city since 2011. I released my debut record in 2013, “ALB”, where I toured alongside the Chicago-based band Great Divide. I performed at the CMJ music festival, Musikfest Festival in Pennsylvania. I was a finalist in the 2014 Louisiana Singer Songwriter competition. Music has been such a big part of my life and I’m so lucky to have found a home in New Orleans. Clyde Stats and Paul Asbell were two of my professors that inspired me to pursue music and check out New Orleans. Love my UVM community! Come visit in NOLA!” Samuel Lopez-Barrantes is an essayist and novelist currently living in Paris. His work has appeared in Paris Lit Up magazine, SLAM magazine, Writer’s Digest and The International Forum for Logotherapy. In February, he published his debut novel, Slim and The Beast, with Inkshares Press, America’s first crowdfunded publishing house. Samuel recently had the privilege to go on a book tour and attend the American Bookseller Association’s Winter Institute. He plans to pass through Vermont during a second book tour in the fall.
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Daron Raleigh

11 Jaron Schaumberg shares, “I completed my master’s of anatomy at Penn State University in 2013 and have completed a second year of medical school at Debusk Osteopathic Medical School, in Harrogate, Tennessee.”
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Troy McNamara

12 Three UVM alumni, Trevor Michalak ‘11, Cooper Feiner-Homer, Alie Sarhanis traveled to Oaxaca City, Mexico, to visit Kalyn Rosenberg who is serving there in the Peace Corps. They were all environmental studies majors and are still pursuing careers in that field: Kalyn teaches environmental education through the Peace Corps, Cooper installs solar panels in Northern, New York and Alie coordinates a sustainability-focused living learning program at Saint Lawrence University. They are happy to still have so much in common despite the distance between them! Samantha Etheridge shares, “After serving with Americorps VISTA in Worcester, Massachusetts, post-graduation, I made the move to San Francisco, California, in May 2013 to pursue a career in nonprofit leadership and urban dance. After working as a contract worker for a variety of small nonprofits in the Bay Area, such as FeelGood and African Leadership Foundation, I now hold a permanent position as programs associate for Net Impact. I also continue to pursue dance and arts administration by dancing in the professional urban dance company, Funkanometry SF, of which I am now executive director. I also founded my own dance entertainment social enterprise called Weekend Shorts that promotes body positive values in nightlife/corporate events entertainment and donates a portion of performance profits to a local youth dance crew, The Funksters. I can be reached via LinkedIn.” Emily Meltzer and Philip Bruno are co-presidents of the Seattle UVM Alumni Group. In December, they hosted a holiday party for over 60 Catamount alumni spanning five decades! Please email to be added to our mailing list for future events. Jules Liebster and Pete Elliott ‘10 are getting married in Burlington this June. The couple met through friends at The Other Place in 2010 and have been together ever since. Jules and Pete couldn’t imagine getting married in any other place! Elizabeth J. Keough-Betts writes, “As one of your 2012 ‘much older’ grads I want to say that all is well. Most fun thing is the chocolate chip cookie baking I do for the Cobblestone Deli.”
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Patrick Dowd

13 Kevin Baranello shares, “Room2Board is a Hostel and Surf School located in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Officially open as of April 2014, this is the newest, coolest, and hottest place to be in Costa Rica. It just so happens that for the past year it has been filled with former UVM students working as employees and volunteers. We all graduated somewhere between 2013 and 2014. Sure it might seem pretty random, but we all share a common bond – our connection to another UVM alum. I started working at this hostel in January 2014. I came here because my roommate from freshmen through senior year, Bronson Shonk, happens to be related (his parents and uncle) to the owners of this brand new hostel. Brian Billing is Bronson’s uncle, and has been living in Costa Rica for the past 10 years. After a few internships in the northeast I decided I wanted to try out the hospitality business. I contacted Bronson’s uncle in December 2013 and a month later I was on my way to Costa Rica to help with its opening. In March, we had a soft opening and travelers slowly started to trickle in, and once a few months passed we were filling up to almost full occupancy. Not too shabby for a start-up. It’s been really fun being part of a start-up and involved in the day to day operations, from writing new procedures to planning a marketing strategy. After living down in Jaco for several months, we realized that we needed a few more volunteers and staff members. – We initiated a few social media efforts which other UVM alumni heard about, and decided that they wanted to be involved. We needed the help, so there were no questions asked, we said come on down. With the new team that formed under the facilitation of Brian and the R2B Board of Directors, we equipped ourselves for the future inflow of travelers. Wyatt Fowler quickly went to work planning and building the surf/tour office and used his talent to build beer pong tables, new signs, and some other incredible stuff. More UVM alumni kept coming. I can now say UVM runs the front desk and keeps the reservations organized on a day to day basis. We sell tours in our newly opened Tour Office, offer/ teach surf lessons and rentals, operate a store to suit traveler's needs, and work as waitresses / waiters and bartenders to keep the bar alive and fun. It’s a lot of work, and a non-stop party all mixed into one unforgettable setting. Now, I have been living here for over a year, and continue to love the job and the lifestyle. I now work as the assistant manager of Operations and Marketing Director. I still work the front desk five days a week which is awesome for meeting everybody, and I love to spend my free time hanging around and having cool conversations with travelers from all over the world. I have met absurd amounts of great people in this past year, while accelerating my skills in Spanish from really bad to mostly fluent, oh yeah and I get to surf every day. It’s been a great experience from the start, seeing the birth and early phases of a foreign business mold itself from an architectural masterpiece to something more than simply an unoccupied building. It became an attractive place with a tropical-jungle-coastal soul, and through the global inspirations from world-wide travelers, has been ranked #1 for Hostels in Jaco in under a year of operation on TripAdvisor. A big shout out to the UVM alumni who have been involved: Wyatt Fowler, Sam Evans '14, Hannah Rosenberg, Caleb Brabant '14, Bronson Shonk, Ian Anderson '14, myself Kevin Baranello, and probably a lot more to come! Wyatt Fowler and myself, Sam Evans '14 have been working in Jaco, Costa Rica for some time now. Recently we decided it was time to make our way back to the States. Wyatt purchased a vintage 1976 Land Rover and we have been slowly winding our way northward while hugging the Pacific Coast. We have created a blog ( and an Instagram account (@latinyellowsticks) so people can follow along with our travels. We thought this might be interesting to other recent graduates or those who are about to graduate who still haven't figured out exactly what they want to do for careers and have an itch for adventure. Hope all is well up in Burlington and the weather is starting to warm up. Mia Sara Haiman has relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel where she works in the International Relations Department of the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv.
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Katharine Hawes
Madelaine White

14 UVM Alumni Relations

15 UVM Alumni Relations


  • Millicent L. Dixon ’32, of South Burlington, Vermont, April 1, 2015.
  • Carolyn R. Nichols ’32, of Mc Indoe Falls, Vermont, March 9, 2015.
  • Dorothy Gibson Stevens ’38, of Wells River, Vermont, March 12, 2015.
  • Phyllis McGovern Soule ’40, G’70, of Burlington, Vermont, June 2, 2014.
  • Elizabeth Watts Weeks ’40, of Lake Mary, Florida, February 26, 2015.
  • Lucius Hamlin Greene ’41, of Glen, New Hampshire, February 11, 2015.
  • Carleton R. Haines ’41, MD’43, of Williston, Vermont, March 25, 2015.
  • Grace Meeken Hutchins ’41, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, February 20, 2015.
  • Ora Heywood Pike ’41, of Stowe, Vermont, March 21, 2015.
  • Mary Skinner Brainard ’42, of Beverly, Massachusetts, October 26, 2014.
  • Gwendolyn Marshia Brown ’42, of Milford, Massachusetts, April 13, 2015.
  • Helen Davis Clark ’42, of Hyde Park, Vermont, February 27, 2015.
  • Gerald L. Haines ’42, MD’44, of Rexford, New York, February 11, 2015.
  • Hester D. Rice ’42, of Montpelier, Vermont, March 2, 2015.
  • Catharine Shaw Erwin ’43, of Dunedin, Florida, December 20, 2014.
  • William Henry Milne ’43, of Durham, New Hampshire, March 10, 2015.
  • John W. Williams ’43, of Deland, Florida, April 8, 2015.
  • Lloyd G. Bartholomew MD’44, of Rochester, Minnesota, April 2, 2015.
  • Arlington Oscar Hazen ’44, of South Burlington, Vermont, January 28, 2015.
  • Zelva Flower Ladeau ’44, of Bristol, Vermont, January 11, 2015.
  • Muriel McKee Davis ’45, of Walpole, New Hampshire, April 3, 2015.
  • Mary Harmon Harrington ’45, of Bennington, Vermont, January 24, 2015.
  • Herman Selig Thomas ’45, of Bedford, New Hampshire, February 2, 2015.
  • Mary Boardman Ciaschini ’46, of North Charleston, South Carolina, February 1, 2015.
  • Arthur Eddy Clifford ’46, of Bristol, Vermont, April 17, 2015.
  • Alice Miller Wright ’46, G’85, of Middlebury, Vermont, January 1, 2015.
  • Jane Smith Lanouette ’47, of Westport, Connecticut, November 11, 2014.
  • Evelyn Olsen Davis ’48, of Burlington, Vermont, June 27, 2014.
  • Mary Delano Dugarm ’48, of Minot, North Dakota, March 30, 2015.
  • Rita Claire Keefe ’48, of Williston, Vermont, April 6, 2015.
  • Ruth Haigh Mackenzie ’48, of Burlington, Vermont, March 17, 2015.
  • Irene A. Vollbrecht ’48, of Fremont, California, April 14, 2015.
  • Constance Pratt Wheeler ’48, of Plattsburgh, New York, March 13, 2015.
  • John S. Winston ’48, of Boca Raton, Florida, August 17, 2014.
  • M. Josephine Dillback ’49, of Keene, New Hampshire, March 15, 2015.
  • Catherine Martel Gibson-Daley ’49, of Dennis, Massachusetts, December 22, 2014.
  • H. John Malone MD’49, of Manchester, Connecticut, January 23, 2015.
  • Benjamin F. Schweyer ’49, of Shelburne, Vermont, April 21, 2015.
  • Margaret Jenne Gallant ‘50, of Burlington, Vermont, May 2, 2014.
  • George S. Geer ’50, of Wallingford, Connecticut, March 12, 2015.
  • Charles F. Miller MD’50, of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, April 6, 2015.
  • Dr. Elbert Dickerson Nostrand ’50, of Middlebury, Vermont, April 15, 2015.
  • Eugene F. Griffin ’51, of Atlanta, Georgia, March 17, 1997.
  • Norma Shangraw Griffin ’51, of Atlanta, Georgia, March 19, 2015.
  • Nicholas J. Paris ’51, G’52, of Stowe, Vermont, January 21, 2015.
  • Forrest Scott Rose ’51, of Essex Junction, Vermont, January 10, 2015.
  • Dean Howard Urie ’51, of Englewood, Florida, February 20, 2015.
  • James Louis Fitzgerald ’52, of Colchester, Vermont, January 21, 2015.
  • Roderick Matthew Goyette ’52, of Barre, Vermont, December 28, 2012.
  • Roy F. Misek ’52, of Vero Beach, Florida, February 19, 2015.
  • George H. Rowell ’52, of Crossville, Tennessee, January 15, 2015.
  • Harry B. Wiggins ’52, of Scottsdale, Arizona, March 9, 2015.
  • Loretta Worthington Chubb ’53, of Columbia, South Carolina, March 29, 2015.
  • C. John Cox ’53, of Fair Oaks, California, August 10, 2011.
  • Lydia Sweeney Dodge ’53, of Ocean Ridge, Florida, December 7, 2014.
  • Leonard Francis Korzun ’53, of Shrewsbury, Vermont, January 20, 2015.
  • Olive Smith Larson ’53, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, March 16, 2015.
  • Shirley Bryant Money ’53, of Centerville, Massachusetts, March 2, 2015.
  • Ruth Rugg Page ’53, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, March 9, 2015.
  • Arthur William Wilson ’53, of Rockport, Massachusetts, December 7, 2014.
  • Donald B. Wolf ’53, of Naples, Florida, January 24, 2015.
  • John E. Berryman ’54, of Burlington, Vermont, March 2, 2015.
  • Katherine Mattson Lagios ’54, of South Burlington, Vermont, March 20, 2015.
  • Frank Howard Osmun ’54, of Boynton Beach, Florida, January 26, 2015.
  • Jane Seid Raff ’54, of Livingston, New Jersey, February 24, 2015.
  • Joyce Bosley Hughes ’55, of Sierra Vista, Arizona, February 16, 2015.
  • Raymond E. Leonard ’55, of Fort Myers, Florida, February 2, 2015.
  • Robert E. Mallozzi, Jr. ’55, of Darien, Connecticut, April 11, 2015.
  • Daniel N. Paris ’55, of Portland, Maine, January 10, 2015.
  • Marvin David Teplitzky ’55, of Woodbridge, Connecticut, December 4, 2014.
  • Marcia Inez Young ’55, of Groton, Connecticut, February 22, 2015.
  • Gerald Frederick Gould ’56, of Redmond, Washington, December 21, 2015.
  • Donald E. Holdsworth MD’56, of Wells, Maine, April 30, 2015.
  • Karleen Chapman Knickerbocker ’56, of Philomont, Virginia, February 9, 2015.
  • Richard Bradley Chapman ’57, of West Rutland, Vermont, March 9, 2015.
  • Bruce R. MacKay MD’57, of Vero Beach, Florida, April 24, 2015.
  • Richard Noah Matus MD’57, of St. Paul, Minnesota, November 15, 2014.
  • Beverly Barker Pasch ’57, of Fletcher, North Carolina, January 26, 2015.
  • Myron Peter Pidlyski ’57, of Amsterdam, New York, January 3, 2015.
  • Irene Fleischman Platt ’58, of New York, New York, March 8, 2012.
  • David Charles Bell ’59, of East Middlebury, Vermont, April 2, 2015.
  • J. Donald Capra ’59, MD’63, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, February 24, 2015.
  • Spencer G. Gregory ’59, of Sudbury, Vermont, January 5, 2015.
  • Leigh R. Harlow ’59, of Windsor, Vermont, January 28, 2015.
  • John C. Lefrancois ’59, of Fairfield, Connecticut, April 19, 2015.
  • Patricia Adams Searfoss MD’59, of Pownal, Maine, March 2, 2015.
  • Harold Leland Staples, Jr. ’59, of Sun City Center, Florida, March 12, 2015.
  • Duane Raymond Tangue ’59, of Linden, Michigan, March 31, 2015.
  • Justine Barbara Billings ’60, of East Middlebury, Vermont, April 8, 2015.
  • Anthony L. Dausilio ’60, of Carlsbad, California, January 1, 2015.
  • Sheldon Weiner ’60, MD’64, of Bonita Springs, Florida, January 22, 2015.
  • M. Joseph Barry ’61, of South Burlington, Vermont, March 7, 2015.
  • James Thomas Casey ’61, of Ocala, Florida, April 7, 2014.
  • Wilfrid L. Fortin MD’61, of Nashua, New Hampshire, January 19, 2015.
  • Bernard E. Germain ’61, of Colchester, Vermont, February 18, 2015.
  • Jon G. Graff ’61, of Palm Coast, Florida, February 23, 2015.
  • Hugh T. McKenny ’61, of Colchester, Vermont, February 12, 2015.
  • Alan Marsh Byington ’62, of Williston, Vermont, February 1, 2015.
  • Elizabeth Sanguinetti Cordeau ’62, of Acushnet, Massachusetts, February 27, 2015.
  • Alan R. Langille ’62, of Orono, Maine, April 19, 2015.
  • Betty Harding Longley ’62, of Shelton, Connecticut, March 25, 2015.
  • Howard W. Meridy ’62, MD’66, of Boynton Beach, Florida, January 25, 2015.
  • Ronald R. Wilson ’62, of Cleveland, Ohio, April 3, 2015.
  • Rodney C. J. Hill ’63, of Grand Isle, Vermont,January 10, 2015.
  • Robert L. Cohen ’64, of Pomona, New York, October 29, 2013.
  • Carol Markus Falis ’64, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 4, 2007.
  • Lewis L. Jones, IV ’64, of Spring Hill, Florida, November 28, 2014.
  • Richard George Carlson ’65, G’67, of New Haven, Connecticut, January 19, 2015.
  • William L. Fleming, Jr. ’65, of San Diego, California, November 11, 2013.
  • Carl B. Martin, III ’65, of Rutland, Massachusetts, January 14, 2015.
  • Thomas O. Mongeon ’65, of St. Albans, Vermont, February 4, 2015.
  • Dr. Leroy C. Butler G’66, of Northfield, Vermont, January 14, 2015.
  • Judith A. Guernsey ’66, of Schenectady, New York, March 6, 2015.
  • Carmen Sinos Gile ’67, of Shrewsbury, Vermont, April 16, 2015.
  • Spencer G. Pratt ’67, of Glastonbury, Connecticut, January 10, 2015.
  • Peter N. D. Watson ’68, of Avon, New York, March 6, 2015.
  • Frank A. Wilbur G’69, of Barre, Vermont, January 10, 2015.
  • John Bernard McShane, Jr. ’70, of Sudbury, Vermont, April 18, 2015.
  • Alan D. Ayer MD’71, of Addison, Vermont, March 13, 2015.
  • Dominique P. Casavant G’58, ‘71, of Auburn, Maine, January 16, 2015.
  • Thomas E. McLaughlin ’71, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, February 24, 2015.
  • William Paul Ridder, Jr. ’71, of Delta Junction, Arkansas, November 16, 2014.
  • Brian Phillip Curtis ’72, of Hingham, Massachusetts, March 18, 2015.
  • Alfred Hartson ’72, of Mount Desert, Maine, January 19, 2015.
  • Thomas Doran McGlenn ’72, of Burlington, Vermont, January 22, 2015.
  • Sander E. Sundberg G’65, ‘72, of Ingleside, Illinois, April 15, 2015.
  • Bonnie Christensen ’73, of Wilson, North Carolina, January 12, 2015.
  • Terrance L. Demas ’73, of Charlotte, North Carolina, August 19, 2014.
  • Paula Fives-Taylor G’73, of South Burlington, Vermont, January 28, 2015.
  • Nancy Fitzgerald Fowler ’74, of Brooklin, Maine, February 1, 2015.
  • Mark Edward Byrne ’76, of Kansas City, Missouri, March 5, 2015.
  • Henry D. Riley ’76, G’76, of Sarasota, Florida, March 23, 2015.
  • Robert J. Stoecklein, Jr. ’76, of Hyde Park, Vermont, April 9, 2015.
  • Paul William Temple MD’76, of Rome, New York, January 18, 2015.
  • Joan Palmer Young G’76, of Williston, Vermont, January 31, 2015.
  • Jeffrey Thomas Adams ’77, of Hartford, Vermont, January 2, 2015.
  • Heidi Lynn Bobeck ’77, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, January 23, 2015.
  • Patricia Dow Lawrence ’77, of Wilton, Maine, January 14, 2015.
  • Brian Balwierz ’79, of Chicago, Illinois, March 21, 2015.
  • Alan Giddings Read ’79, of Foxboro, Massachusetts, March 14, 2015.
  • Eleanor Femrite Sims G’79, of Sandy, Utah, March 16, 2015.
  • Robin Chase Stebbins ’80, of Craftsbury, Vermont, February 3, 2015.
  • Elizabeth Ann Wood ’81, of Sharon, Vermont, February 11, 2015.
  • Adolf Walter Putre G’82, of Shelburne, Vermont, March 11, 2015.
  • Mark Kenneth Garfield G’83, of Brookeville, Maryland, September 1, 2014.
  • Laurie Christine Dietzel ’84, of Hyattsville, Maryland, January 15, 2015.
  • Robert Joseph Ferro G’85, of Malibu, California, February 3, 2015.
  • Steven Richard Hoffman G’86, of Tillamook, Oklahoma, February 24, 2015.
  • Samantha Dolinger Cook ’87, of Vernon, Connecticut, February 3, 2015.
  • Richard James Whitaker G’87, of Galveston, Texas, November 27, 2013.
  • Theresa M. VanZile G’90, of Orleans, Vermont, January 23, 2015.
  • Joseph Michael Baker, III ’91, of Charlotte, Vermont, March 25, 2015.
  • James J. Blaisdell ’91, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, January 28, 2015.
  • Jennifer Marra Cronin ’91, of Atlanta, Georgia, April 5, 2015.
  • Jane Creelman Graiko G’94, of Tampa, Florida, December 28, 2014.
  • Donald Lee Horsley G’95, of Portland, Maine, March 29, 2015.
  • Audrey Jennings Carbee ’97, of South Ryegate, Vermont, January 16, 2015.
  • John Duncan Lloyd MD’98, of Hebron, New Hampshire, December 29, 2014.
  • Thomas Denholm Mazza ’03, of New York, New York, April 2, 2015.
  • Vanessa Marie Cox ’05, of Newton, Massachusetts, February 12, 2015.
  • William Lawrence Grabow ’05, of East Moline, Illinois, January 29, 2015.
  • Lukasz Dariusz Prokop ’05, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, December 14, 2014.

Dan Archdeacon, professor of mathematics and computer science, passed away on February 18. Professor Archdeacon, who joined the UVM faculty in 1982, served the university in many leadership roles, including as director of the Mathematics Graduate Program and as a longtime member and chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the Faculty Senate. He was named a University Scholar for the academic year 2003-2004, was a Fulbright Teaching Fellow at the Riga’s Commerce School, and held numerous visiting professorships at universities throughout the world. A passionate and highly accomplished mathematician, Professor Archdeacon’s research focus was on graph theory, combinatorics, theoretical computer science, and topographical graph theory, for which he had particular interest.

Beal Baker Hyde,professor emeritus of botany, died on March 31. After holding academic positions at the University of Oklahoma and Caltech, Professor Hyde joined the UVM faculty in 1965. His long career included strong and effective leadership as his department’s chair. Professor Hyde started the Cell Biology program. He served terms as president of the Faculty Senate and faculty ombudsman and also took his role as student advisor very seriously. Travel on sabbatical took him to England and Denmark for research and teaching at different points in his career. Professor Hyde was a World War II veteran of the Army Air Force who, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, interrupted his undergraduate study at Amherst College to enlist.

Robert Larson, professor emeritus of educational administration, passed away on September 3, 2014. After teaching high school social studies in Massachusetts, Professor Larson his doctorate at Boston University. He then joined the UVM faculty where he would enjoy a career of thirty-one years. The author of several books, Professor Larson’s publications included three editions of Changing Schools from the Inside Out. Many of his students throughout the years included school administrators across Vermont. After retiring to Cape Cod in 1999, Professor Larson continued his commitment to education, serving as clerk for the study committee that recommended the regionalization of the Harwich and Chatham school system.

Bill Nedde, longtime faculty member in physical education and past head coach of the track and cross country teams, passed away on April 13. Coach Nedde taught at UVM from 1967 until his retirement in 1990. He also worked in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the University Medical Center. Coach Nedde’s legacy includes the 1969 founding of what would become a hallmark Vermont road race, a five-mile route along Spear Street that he named after his coaching mentor, Archie Post. His passion during his retirement was coaching Senior Olympics. Two of Coach Nedde’s athletes, Barbara Jordan and Flo Meiler, are world record holders.

Ross Thomson, longtime professor of economics, passed away on February 12. Professor Thomson joined the university in 1991 as chair of the Department of Economics. He served the university in numerous leadership roles including chair of the Economics Department; director of the Integrated Social Science Program, which he founded; associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; and secretary and vice-president of United Academics. Thomson was a passionate and highly accomplished researcher who studied the progress of mechanization and the development of capitalist economies. His most recent book, Structures of Change in the Mechanical Age, was highly praised and is much admired by his peers.

Alan Wertheimer, professor emeritus of political science, passed away on April 10. Wertheimer, a distinguished scholar in the area of political philosophy, was a thirty-seven-year veteran of the UVM faculty. In nine years as chair, he helped build the Political Science Department into a nationally recognized program. An internationally recognized scholar, he penned countless articles in top journals and wrote three seminal books: Coercion; Exploitation; and Consent to Sexual Relations. He was selected as a University Scholar in 1995-96, one of the highest honors in the university. Some of Professor Wertheimer’s most influential work came after his retirement in 2005, when he made major contributions to the field of bioethics through his work at the National Institutes of Health in collaboration with Harvard’s Ezekiel Emanuel.

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