Groups sharing common tasks can develop and share job submission templates.

This readily allows a write once and reuse methodology for job submissions within a working-group. This can increase productivity, and allow newcomers to more readily integrate with the group. A graphical user interface eases development of task-specific templates for reuse. The GUI File Manager will more readily permit data access and sharing with easily accessible file-permission settings. The VACC administration hopes to encourage a VACC leader among each group, who is familiar with existing VACC methodology, to develop these accessible routines for their respective groups.

Graphical Interface

The remote graphical access to compute node X11 applications will speed the review of data, allowing results to be interpreted more quickly. Data can be viewed in real-time as it becomes developed, reducing much overhead associated with repetitive simulations. Access to the graphical interface on powerful compute nodes will reduce the load upon and need for high performance workstations at the desktop. No software or plugins are required to be installed by the end-user; a simple web browser interface is used for access.

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